‘151km’ sidearm, 7 pitches, 2 outs ‘perfect pitch’ → avoid home run, double, walk, walk ‘exceedingly’ [Oh!Ssen Osaka]


 Sidearm Jung Woo-young of the Korean WBC national team went back and forth between cheers and regrets by pitching on a roller coaster in the final evaluation match.

The official evaluation match between the national team and Hanshin was held at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan on the 7th. The national team won 7-4, showing the concentration of the batting line and stable defense. But there were also some regrets.

The sluggishness of setup man Jung Woo-young was one of them. On this day, Jung Woo-young appeared in a crisis. He got on the mound after Eui-Lee Lee with first out and first and second bases in the 7th inning with a 4-2 lead. Eui-ri Lee laid down two runners with a dune and a walk and was replaced.

This is a situation familiar to Jung Woo-young, who plays as a setup man at LG. Jung Woo-young, who has a good two-seam, usually pitches in critical situations with runners.

The first batter, left-handed hitter Obata, was induced with a grounder on the first base side, and Jung Woo-young quickly ran and caught it himself, stepped on the first base and put it out. 2 out 2nd, 3rd base. Against right-handed hitter Morishita, he struck out three pitches with swing-strike-miss swing and blocked it without a run.

He started multi-inning in the 8th inning. However, he threw a two-seam, his main weapon, in a 2-ball, 2-strike against left-handed hitter Sato, the first batter, and was hit by a home run that went over the fence in the middle.

Then, Haraguchi hit a double on the first pitch. Suddenly, the helm shook. Straight walk by throwing 4 balls in a row against Inoue. After that, Shimada was also sent out on a walk, and when the bases were loaded safely, he was eventually replaced. Kim Won-joong came up and prevented the crisis with double strikes and strikeouts, minimizing Jung Woo-young’s runs.메이저놀이터

Jung Woo-young recorded 2 hits, 2 walks, 1 strikeout and 2 runs in ⅔ innings that day. His highest speed was 151km. He threw a slider with a two-seam, but the result was not good.

In the 7th inning crisis, he threw 7 strikes against 2 batters and got 2 outs, but 10 balls out of 16 pitches entered the 8th inning. The zero point, such as a straight walk, was suddenly shaken.

The national team’s closer Ko Woo-seok was replaced due to neck muscle pain during the game against Orix on the 6th. It was fortunate that on the 7th, as a result of the hospital examination, it turned out to be simple muscle pain. However, he needs to recover quickly before the tournament. Jung Woo-young, who has to play an important role in the national team’s bullpen, was disappointed with the ups and downs.

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