18 candidates for the 2023 U19 men’s national team confirmed for ‘toward the world stage’… Kang Seung-il, Kim Kwan-woo selected


18 candidates for the 2023 men’s U19 national team have been selected.

At the 2022 14th Asian Youth Men’s U18 Championships held in Esfahan, Iran in August last year, the Korean U18 national team finished in 4th place. While earning the right to participate in the 2023 World Youth Men’s U19 Championships to be held in Argentina in August, he will start quenching toward the world stage.

The Korean men’s 19-year-old youth team 먹튀검증(hereafter referred to as the U19 national team), which will be convened from the 25th, will have 18 players polish their skills for two weeks, and then 12 players will be selected for the final breath.

The tournament, which runs from 2 to 11 August, is in Group C along with Iran, Nigeria, Colombia and Puerto Rico.

Most of the players who attended last year’s Asian Championships were listed, but some changes have occurred. Suseong High School’s Yoon Seo-jin and Gyeongbuk Physical Education High School’s Lee Woo-jin, who made a big difference last year, were named outside heaters. Newly joined are Hajun Yoon from Suseong High School and Yeonwoo Jeong from Jinju Dongmyeong High School.

The Apposites included Song Won-jun from Daejeon Jungang High School, Lee Yong-jae from Suseong High School, Yun-gyeong from Namseong High School, and Kim Jeong-hwan from Inha University High School. Among them, Song Won-joon played an active part in the U18 national team last year as an apogee. Last year’s U18 national team were all listed as middle blockers, including Seongjin Lee from Sokcho High School, Songyun Jeong from Suncheon Jeil High School, and Sumin Lee from Cheonan High School. In-gyu Lim from Suseong High School and Jang Eun-seok Jang from Sokcho High School joined the team.

Kang Seung-il of Korean Air in Liberoen, Byun Hye-min of Dongsung High School in Busan, and Kwang-woo Yeo of Songsan High School were the only professional players on the roster. For the setter position, Kim Kwan-woo from Cheonan High School and Bae Jun-sol from Suncheon Jeil High School were selected.

The men’s U19 national team played an active role in reaching the semifinals at the 2017 FIVB World Men’s Youth Volleyball Championships. Lim Dong-hyuk (Korean Air), Lim Seong-jin (KEPCO), and Park Gyeong-min (Hyundai Capital), who have now boarded the adult national team, formed the main axis.

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