248 billion won contract 5 months, side→wrist→elbow injury… After all, the ace of the glass body


 Jacob deGrom (35, Texas Rangers) was injured again. This is already his 3rd injury 5 months after signing with Texas.

Texas announced on the 30th (Korean time) that ‘DeGrom has been placed on the 15-day disabled list with a right elbow sprain. DeGrom started 6 games this season and was doing his ace duty with 2 wins, 30⅓ innings, 45 strikeouts, and an average ERA of 2.67, but another injury caught his ankle.

Texas acquired deGrom in the free agent market in December of last year for 5 years and 185 million dollars (approximately 248 billion won). We know that de Grom is a player who has been plagued with injuries lately, but it’s hard to ignore his two-time National League Cy Young Award-winning talent. Texas was also a team in dire need of reinforcements, so deGrom was an even more attractive recruit.

But even after coming to Texas, deGrom wasn’t always healthy. During the spring camp, he took a break due to side tension, and on the 18th, he suffered from wrist pain and on the 29th, he was worried about elbow inflammation. All of these injuries occurred within five months of signing with Texas.

DeGrom hasn’t had an injury-free season since 2020. From 2020 to last year, he was always sick to the point that he never exceeded 15 starts in a season. In 2020 he was taken off with back and arm problems, and in 2021 he took the second스포츠토토 half of the season due to right elbow inflammation. Last year, he was also absent due to a strain on his right shoulder blade. Since there have been 7 injury issues in 4 years until this year, there is no choice but to respond with ‘DGROM again’.

Texas general manager Chris Young said there was no need to worry too much. Young said, “He has a little inflammation in his elbow, and there’s no reason to put pressure on deGrom right now. DeGrom came today (30th) and said he was fine, and that’s a positive sign. “We have to treat this injury very carefully, considering how important it is to the team. We’ll see how deGrom responds to treatment for the time being, and in a week or ten days or so we’ll consider the next step for deGrom.”

He even praised deGrom. Young said: “DeGrom was very smart with his injuries. He let us know how he was doing and he was great at communicating with our staff. Like other players, deGrom wants to play. “I was very disappointed that I had to leave, but I was well aware that the situation would only get worse if I stayed there. Listening to the diagnosis today, I once again confirmed that his decision was right.”

deGrom will be back on the mound the day he gets back to health. General manager Young said, “We will put deGrom on the mound when he says his body is ready. He is a very solid pitcher in the major leagues and has had a good start this season.” did.

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