30-Year-Old Who Opened Airplane Door at 213 Meters “Jobless Stress, Frustrated, Wanted to Get Off”


Daegu Dongbu Police Station investigates A, who opened emergency door of aircraft, for second day

A, who was silent during the crime, gradually opened his mouth

Police plan to apply for an arrest warrant on the 27th먹튀검증

It was reported on the 27th that Mr. A, a man in his 30s who opened the emergency door of an Asiana aircraft that was landing, gave a statement to the police saying, “I opened the door because I was frustrated and wanted to get off quickly.”

According to police, Mr. A, who is being investigated for the second day for violating the Aviation Security Act by the Daegu Dongbu Police Station, said, “I was stressed after losing my job recently. I was frustrated before the plane landed and wanted to get off quickly, so I opened the door,” he said. Mr. Lee has refused to make any statements since his emergency arrest by police at Daegu Airport on the 26th, but as the police investigation continues, he is reportedly opening up about his motives for the crime.

Ahn is suspected of opening the emergency door just before an Asiana flight that departed Jeju Airport the day before landed at Daegu Airport. As a result of the police investigation, passengers on the plane complained of extreme fear and anxiety when the door opened at about 213 meters in the air, and nine of them were treated at a hospital for symptoms such as difficulty breathing.

The police plan to apply for an arrest warrant for Mr. A on suspicion of violating the Aviation Security Act upon completion of further investigation.

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