‘32.195km’ newly established… 8,000 people run to mark the start of the fall marathon


The 2023 Gongju Baekje Marathon, marking the start of the ‘Fall Marathon’, was held in Gongju, South Chungcheong Province on the 17th. It rained throughout Gongju the day before, but the day of the competition cleared. At 9 a.m., when the 8,000 participants in the competition departed from the Gongju Citizen Stadium, the temperature was 22.7 degrees, making it a perfect fall day.

Kim Jeom-ok (50), a participant of the 32.195km course, said, “Today, the wind was blowing and there was shade from trees along the way, so I thought, ‘I’m blessed.’” On this day, Kim completed 32.195km in 2 hours, 24 minutes and 57 seconds, becoming the first champion of the women’s division of this course. The Gongju Baekje Marathon created a new 32.195km category this year to help those who want to challenge the 42.195km full course in the fall marathon held in October and November to control their condition. On this day, about 800 people participated in the 32.195km course.

Park Yun-soo (27, 2 hours, 16 minutes, 00 seconds), who won the 32.195km men’s race, said, “I ran the full course for the first time at the Seoul Marathon in March. In the fall, he participated in the 32.195km race, hoping to achieve sub-3 (finishing the full course in under 3 hours). He said, “Even at the club, I train for LSD (Long Slow Distance, running slowly over 30km), but I think my records are better because the competition atmosphere is good.”토토사이트

In the full-course men’s division, Lee Jong-hyun (31), winner of the 2019 competition, stood at the top again, crossing the finish line first with a record of 2 hours, 43 minutes and 10 seconds. Mr. Lee, who placed 5th in the Masters at this year’s Seoul Marathon, laughed and said, “I’m getting married next month, so I ran hard to show my wife that I won. I also want to run in the Gyeongju Marathon (October 21st), but that’s just my honeymoon period.”

Kim Hana, winner of the 2023 Gongju Baekje Marathon full course women’s division, is cheering as she crosses the finish line. Gongju = Song Eun-seok silverstone@donga.com, Reporter Lee Han-gyeol
Hana Kim (37), who also placed 5th in the women’s Masters division at this year’s Seoul Marathon, also crossed the finish line in 3 hours, 7 minutes and 8 seconds, taking first place in the women’s full course at this competition. Kim’s goal is to get on the podium in both of her Seoul-Gongju-Gyeongju marathons this year. Mr. Kim said, “I want to win the race with sub-3.” Participants who complete the Seoul, Gongju, and Gyeongju marathons (excluding the 5km course) can receive a ‘Run Journey’ commemorative medal.

In the healthy running (5 km) category of this competition, more than 1,000 preschool and elementary school students ran with their families. Siblings Kim Chae-yul (10), a fourth-grader, and Kim Chae-yoon (8), a second-grader, said, “It was really hard,” but they couldn’t take their eyes off the commemorative medals around their necks. Her mother, Kang Jin-hyeong (37), said, “I think the children have learned not to give up. “Even today, he liked completing the race more than receiving a snack,” she said.

Ji Sang-jin (32), a visually impaired person, and her high school classmate Hyeon-tae Bang (32) completed the 10 km run while connected to each other with a string. Mr. Ji, whose eyesight began to decline in 2019 due to macular degeneration, said, “After my eyesight deteriorated, it was difficult to experience running outside, but thanks to my friend, I was able to run outside and breathe the fresh air for the first time in a while.” Mr. Bang, who was new to marathons and guide runners, said, “My friend was a better runner, so rather than me guiding him, he ran at my pace.”

On this day, Gongju Mayor Choi Won-cheol, Gongju City Council Chairman Yoon Gu-byeong, Gongju Police Chief Park Jong-min, and Donga Ilbo Editorial Editor Cheon Gwang-am encouraged the participants at the competition site. Mayor Choi and Chairman Yoon also participated in the 5km course. Gongju University President Lim Kyung-ho also ran the 10km course.

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