3rd place LG, a corps of falcons with a promising future


Changwon LG’s recent rookie draft is lucky. Suwon KT stands out so much that LG also continues to get lottery picks and its player base is continuously growing. Over the five years from 2018 to last year, Kim Jun-hyung (4th place), Park Jeong-hyeon (1st place), Yoon Won-sang (6th place), Lee Seung-woo (5th place), and Yang Jun-seok (1st place) were nominated. There are 3 lottery picks and 2 first picks. He was selected as the 3rd pick in a lottery held not long ago.

You can see the difference considering that in the past 20 years, there were 5 lottery picks and 2 first picks (Song Young-jin and Kim Jong-gyu). Although there are no heavyweights like Lee Jeong-hyun or Ha Yoon-gi who are clearly making a splash, they are talented players who were selected at a high level, so it is expected that they will thicken the wings of the Peregrine Falcons as time goes by.

LG, which had not had a single lottery pick since its founding until 2000, opened a closed door by naming Song Young-jin as the first overall pick in 2001. At the time, LG had weaknesses in both positions 1 and 4, and after struggling between Song Young-jin, who had a reputation as Chung-Ang University’s ‘Twin Tower’, and Kim Seung-hyun, the university’s best point guard, they chose to reinforce the height.

Although Kim Seung-hyun received attention as a genius point guard, considering the value of a starting big man, Song Young-jin would have been difficult to pass up even if he was on another team. However, lottery picks were discontinued again until 2005, and it was not until 2006 that Lee Hyun-min was designated as the third choice. Although it was not a draft with a good player pool, Lee Hyun-min did his part well and became the first rookie of the year since LG was founded.

The following year, Chung Young-sam was selected 4th place in the Golden Draft, but he was sent to Electronic Land due to a trade that occurred the previous season. In the midst of a series of unlucky moves, there was something that brought relief to him, and it was the draft of naturalized mixed-race players in 2009. Although quite a few mixed-race players participated, there were only three players worth looking forward to.

Jeon Tae-poong (Tony Atkins) and Lee Seung-jun (Eric Sandrine) were receiving the most attention, while Moon Tae-young (Gregory Stevenson) was evaluated as being worthy of being part of the group. Therefore, from each team’s perspective, they had to be ranked in the top 3 to benefit from the mixed-race draft. Coincidentally, LG got the 3rd pick and was able to embrace Moon Tae-young. It was the first time in a long time since Song Young-jin that a major player joined the Songol Falcons.

In the October 2012 draft, they selected tall guard Byung-Hoon Yoo as the 3rd pick, and in 2013, they gained the team’s second 1st-pick pick and succeeded in selecting the biggest fish, Jong-Gyu Kim. As can be seen in the examples of Seo Jang-hoon, Kim Joo-seong, Ha Seung-jin, and Oh Se-geun, the national team’s big man has been following the formula of winning soon, so expectations are high that he will finally relieve his frustration of winning. Afterwards, Kim Jun-hyung was ranked 4th in 2018 and the team the next year

. For the third time in history, big man Park Jeong-hyun is selected as the first pick, just as he did with Song Young-jin and Kim Jong-gyu. However, since it was not a high quality draft, the atmosphere was different from the previous two times even though it was the same first choice. The ignited top ranking luck continued to gain momentum.토토사이트

As proof of this, the first pick was obtained in last year’s draft and the first pick was used to select a guard (Yang Jun-seok) rather than a big man for the first time in team history. There was a big man named Lee Doo-won, but since the team had quite a few talented big men, they chose to reinforce the guard. And this year, he received the 3rd pick, and while Korea University forward Jeong-Hyeon Moon (22‧194cm) is considered the biggest player, the remaining resources are available among Korea University guard Moo-Bin Park (23‧184.4cm) and Yonsei University guard Yoo Yu-Sang (22‧188cm), who are together in the Big 3. There is a high probability that he will be nominated.

Due to KCC’s departure to Busan, as many as four teams will be competing in the Yeongnam region next season, including Changwon LG, Ulsan Hyundai Mobis, and Daegu Korea Gas Corporation. Among them, LG is the only team that did not change hometown. The support from fans is also tremendous. What is unfortunate is that they have never won the championship game, but if the number of promising players continues to accumulate as they are now, it is said that they can fully expect to conquer the summit. This is why I look forward to LG’s next season, which is enjoying good luck in the draft.

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