5 years of quenching… “I, the Republic of Korea, shine”


The 19th Asian Games, a ‘ grand sports festival for 4.7 billion Asians’, will open in Hangzhou, China on the 23rd. At the Hangzhou Asian Games, which is just 10 days away from the opening, 12,500 athletes from 45 countries under the Olympic Council of Asia (OCA) will compete for a total of 483 gold medals in 40 official events and 61 specific events. Korea will send a team of 1,180 athletes, the largest number in history, to this competition with the goal of winning 50 gold medals and finishing third overall. The Korea Sports Council held a ceremony to select the Korean athletes at the Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 12th, and the athletes pledged to do well.

Attendees, including the athletes participating in the Hangzhou Asian Games in South Korea, are performing a national ritual at the ’19th Hangzhou Asian Games athletes’ selection ceremony’ held at the Olympic Hall at the Olympic Park in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 12th. News 1

The national baseball team is desperate for a gold medal. Although it enjoys so much popularity that it is called the ‘national sport’, its performance in recent international competitions has been dismal. The baseball team, which begins convocation training on the 23rd, is determined to restore its honor through this tournament. Noh Si-hwan (23, Hanwha), who will be in charge of the national team’s batting line composed mainly of players under the age of 24, is a special player.

Noh Si-hwan said, “It is a great personal honor just to be selected for the national team, which every sports player dreams of. This is my first time playing for the national team since I became an adult, so there are both expectations and burdens, but since it is an opportunity not given to everyone, I will do well no matter what.” I am determined. He then pledged, “Whenever I step up to bat anywhere other than the central batting line, I will try to harass the pitcher and always focus on showing stable defense.” He also pledged, “I will do my best in my position to bring a gold medal to our country.”

Taekwondo, which was adopted as an official sport at the 1986 Seoul Asian Games, has served as Korea’s best sport. As Taekwondo has developed into a global sport, it has achieved upward standardization among countries, but our athletes have maintained their pride as a country of origin. At this Taekwondo event, where 13 gold medals are at stake, the national team is on the hunt for a lot of gold.

In particular, Park Woo-hyuk (23, Samsung Swon Taekwondo Team) in the men’s 80kg class is determined to stand tall as a leading figure in the heavyweight class of Korean Taekwondo through this competition. Park Woo-hyuk said, “The Asian Games are a competition for proof, not experience,” and expressed his determination, “I will definitely win by thoroughly analyzing my opponents based on my experience so far.” He said, “I prepared for the competition by doing professional physical training so as not to get tired. With only 10 days left, I will take care not to get injured and improve my condition.”

handball, which is about to launch an integrated league, the performance of this competition is important. Since the color of the medal can affect the success of the Unified League, it is necessary to complete an ’emotional drama’. Korean handball, which used to be world-class, has now found itself struggling even in Asia, but both men’s and women’s handball are determined to regain their past glory through this tournament.

Kim Min-seo (20, Samcheok City Hall), the star of women’s handball, said, “I am the youngest, but I will come back with a gold medal with a sense of responsibility representing our country. We will show a good performance as good players gathered together and worked tirelessly to become a good team.” “I want to,” he said, expressing his motivation.

The men’s handball team also worked hard to create a surprise in this tournament, just as it reached the top in the 2010 Guangzhou tournament. Captain Kang Jeon-gu (33, Doosan) expressed his determination, saying, “I will run as hard as I can in every game and hang the Taegeukgi in the sky in Hangzhou so that I don’t have any regrets.”바카라사이트

In soccer, both men and women are expecting gold medals. In particular, women’s soccer, which only won bronze medals three times in a row, is dreaming of winning the Asian Cup alongside the men’s team in this tournament. In women’s soccer, Japan and China are considered world-class teams, but it is evaluated that they are not a team that can never be overcome, as our national team showed off its potential by recording a 1-1 draw with Germany in the final game of the 2023 Australia-New Zealand World Cup.

Cheon Garam (21, Hwacheon KSPO)’s determination is extraordinary. Garam Cheon said, “My goal is a gold medal,” and “I especially want to score a goal in the final.” Lee Min-ah (32, Hyundai Steel), who was unable to play in the last World Cup due to injury, also emphasized, “There were times when Japan was difficult 10 years ago, but now the gap has narrowed,” and “I will play thinking of it as a World Cup.”

Fencing is the sport that has won 46 gold medals, 43 silver medals, and 33 bronze medals in the past Asian Games. In particular, Korean fencing won the second most medals after China (47 gold, 42 silver, and 35 bronze). At the center is men’s saber Gu Bon-gil (36, Korea Sports Promotion Foundation). Koo Bon-gil won five gold medals at the Asian Games alone. If Koo Bon-gil succeeds in winning his fourth consecutive individual title in this competition and also wins a gold medal in the team event, he will surpass swimming Tae-hwan Park and equestrian Seo Jeong-gyun to become the number one Asian Games gold medalist of all time. Koo Bon-gil said, “This is an opportunity to set the record for the most gold medals for a Korean athlete. If you think this is your last competition and overcome it with mental strength, your dream will come true.”

Breaking, which started as a genre of hip-hop, makes its debut at the Hangzhou competition. This sport is expected to receive a lot of attention as it was adopted as an official sport at the 2024 Paris Olympics. Jeon Ji-ye (24, Fresh Bella) said, “I am training with increased intensity in all areas, including stamina and strength, 10 days before the competition. I expect that if I spread the word about what kind of sport breaking is and what its charms are, results will naturally follow.” “He said. Jeon Ji-ye, who went from training freely to living a regular life at the Jincheon Athletes’ Village, said, “At the Jincheon Athletes’ Village, we meet athletes from different sports and the atmosphere is encouraging and supporting each other. The food is delicious, and we can do training, treatment, and rehabilitation all in one place.” “It’s an advantage,” he said, expressing satisfaction.

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