(6) Dongguk University Lee Hak-seung “I want to get a rebound against a foreign player”


 The third incomplete life is Dongguk University housekeeper Lee Hak-seung (190cm, F). What happened from when he took up the basketball at his father’s urging to when he tried to compete on the professional stage? Let’s hear the story.

# A basketball better than a pen
“It was spring break between 4th and 5th grade. His father suddenly said, “Would you like to play some basketball?” I was taken aback at first, but when I hesitated, my father tried to eat something delicious, but he said no. He said he was upset because he felt sorry for his young heart.”

There was a basketball coach where he went with his father’s hand. A child who was bored at an English academy as a child came to catch a basketball like that. He started out with the idea that if he played basketball, he wouldn’t have time to go to private academies, but he enjoyed everything he did while holding a basketball.

Of course, there were also difficult points. The strength training he had experienced for the first time was difficult, but the rest of the time holding the ball was enough to draw Lee Hak-seung’s interest. Like that, Lee Hak-seung went to Samseon Middle School, a middle school affiliated with Samseon Elementary School, in a state where he was immersed in basketball.

# Seungri watched from a distance, lit a fire in the boy’s heart.
When Lee Hak-seung entered Samsun Middle School, the composition of the third grade was splendid. Great resources such as Shin Seung-min (Korea Gas Corporation), Yang Jae-min (Utsunomiya), and Jung Ho-young (DB) were lined up. Of course, the grades were great too. However, Lee Hak-seung had to watch this from a distance.

“At the time of admission, I was short at 160 cm. At that time, the team won the championship, but I didn’t get a medal because I didn’t make it to the entry. It was so good, I thought how great it would have been if I had even received a medal. So even when I was in the third grade, I made a firm determination that I wanted to win the championship once.”

It may have been a loss that was difficult for a middle school student to handle, but Lee Hak-seung did not accept it as sadness. In addition to a little bit of admiration, I used it as the fuel for my resolution, ‘I have to win the championship too’.

Did the desperate work? Lee Hak-seung grew more than 10 cm in his second year of middle school, and again became taller than his peers. “I remember being over 170cm tall. So playing the game made me more interested in basketball. Even when I was in the third grade, I was even bigger, almost 180cm. At that time, there were (Park) Jeong-hwan (Korea University) and (Lee) Won-seok (Samsung), so the members were good

. ” Lee Hak-seung, along with her teammates, recorded 10 points and 4 rebounds in the final of the 71st National Men’s and Women’s Basketball Championships, beating Yongsan Middle School to the top spot.

# Lee Hak-seung, who chose the challenge rather than the obvious path,
Lee Hak-seung decided to go to Jemulpo High School, leaving the road leading to Samseon Elementary School, Samseon Middle School, and Gyeongbok High School. “Of course, I also thought that I wanted to make a career of Samseoncho, Samseon Middle School스포츠토토, and Gyeongbok High School. However, Jemulpogo also wanted me, and when I considered the environment in which I could play and various other things

, I decided that Jemulpogo would be better. Thanks to my colleagues, I overcame it well. Lee Hak-seung, who focused on hard work such as ace defense and rebounding, had a precious experience of winning a championship once again in his 3rd year of high school with reliable teammates such as Park Seung-jae (Dongguk University) and Cha Min-seok (Samsung).

Even after going to Dongguk University, Lee Hak-seung, who faithfully performed his duties through defense and rebounding, was confused by the burden of his senior year and a slight role change this season. “I couldn’t play much in my junior year, so once I was put in, I tried to participate in offensive rebounding by using my defense and jumping power. I thought I had to do the offense first and then the defense. This season, as younger siblings with heights came in, they came out from the bottom of the goal more than last season. There were worries and a little pressure about being in the fourth grade, but now I think that if I do what I do, the team’s performance and my record will follow.”

# Desire for the professional stage itself
“Hmm, I am most looking forward to playing on the professional stage itself. Whenever I step on a pro court because of a practice game or something like that, the stadium feels really big. What would it feel like to run here? My biggest thought is that I want to feel that feeling at least once.”

As Lee Hak-seung talked about the professional stage, there was a mix of tension and excitement in his eyes. “No matter what team I go to, I want to help the team. I am confident in my rebound participation and jumping ability. When I practice with a professional team, I feel the biggest difference in the physical part, but I want to get a rebound against a foreign player on the professional stage someday

. ” Through active rebounding based on his strong defense and jumping ability, he expressed his desire to contribute to any team. Will he be able to become a housekeeper for a professional team? Let’s wait for his name to be called in this draft.

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