7 innings no-hitter… Debut first win, 20% win rate MLB team rookie ‘unfortunate’


Oakland Athletics rookie pitcher Mason Miller (25) missed his debut win despite pitching well with 7 no-hitters. It is bad luck for a rookie on a team that is in the bottom of the major leagues. 

Miller started on the 3rd (Korean time) in the 2023 major league home game against the Seattle Mariners held at the Oakland Coliseum in California, USA. 

Miller, who started with a tripartite in the first inning, allowed one walk each in the second and third innings, but outed the remaining three batters. In the 4th inning, his pitch was shaken with two walks, but he passed it without a run thanks to the help of the defense by the catcher’s interception of stolen bases. Following this, he had a no-hitter streak with three consecutive innings in the 5th to 7th innings. 

However, he filled 100 pitches by the 7th inning, and passed the mound to left-hander Richard Lovelady from the start of the 8th inning. He had a maximum of 99.1 miles (159.5 km) and an average of 97.1 miles (156.3 km), centered on스포츠토토 four-seam fastballs (46), and used sliders (26), cutters (23), and changeups (5). 

According to ‘MLB.com’, after the game, Oakland coach Mark Katsay said, “The manager has to decide whether to risk injury to the player or to aim for a no-hitter. difficult. Athletes want to set records, but at the same time they must also think about the future. We saw a future with ace potential,” he said, revealing the reason for the replacement. 

But as soon as Miller went down, Oakland’s lead also ran away. Love Lady, who came up in the 8th inning, hit a solo home run to tie the game with AJ Pollack after one out, and Miller’s first win in his debut was blown away in an instant. Then, Jose Caballero got hit by a double and Love Lady was ripped out, and then closer Juris Familia was put in, but to no avail. Familia gave up a walk to Thai France before hitting the winning double by Jared Kelnick. 

Auckland, who suffered a 1-2 come-from-behind loss, has a win rate of only 20% with 6 wins and 24 losses in the season. With the lowest win rate among the 30 major league teams, if the momentum is current, a record of all-time disgrace may come out. The lowest team winning percentage in major league history is the 1899 Cleveland Spiders (20-134 loss, .130), and the 1916 Philadelphia Athletics (36-117 loss, .235), the predecessor of Oakland, has the lowest since the 1900s. 

Although his first win in his debut was delayed, Miller said, “It felt good. There is no other way to describe it. It is regrettable that he allowed 4 walks, but he is proud of himself for not collapsing. He was satisfied with his pitching, saying, “It was amazing to go 7 innings without a hit.” 

Miller, who is 196cm tall, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in college, but through diet management and strength training, he increased his weight from 68kg to 90kg, and his speed skyrocketed. In the 2021 draft, he was nominated by Oakland with the 97th overall pick in the third round, and was called up to the major leagues on the 20th of last month. Until this day, he has pitched 15⅓ innings in 3 games and recorded 1 loss with an average ERA of 3.52 and 17 strikeouts without a win.

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