‘8 minutes’, which made my heart race even after Portugal won… Selected as one of the top 10 World Cup scenes

The moment when the players of the Korean national soccer team gathered on the ground after winning the game against Portugal and waited for the outcome of the Uruguay-Ghana match in the round of 16, where luck was at stake, was selected as one of the 10 best scenes of the World Cup in Qatar.

On the 18th (Korean time), Reuters introduced the top 10 scenes of the World Cup in Qatar, and also highlighted the Korean national team watching the results of the Uruguay-Ghana match right after the victory over Portugal in the final group stage match of the last tournament. 메이저사이트

At that time, after conceding the first goal to Portugal, Bento defeated Portugal 2-1 with Kim Young-kwon (Ulsan Hyundai)’s equalizer and Hwang Hee-chan (Wolverhampton)’s dramatic come-from-behind goal. However, despite the victory over Portugal, they were unable to advance to the round of 16 on their own. I had to watch the results of the Uruguay-Ghana match held at the same time.

Accordingly, the players gathered on the ground and checked the results of the Uruguay-Ghana match using mobile phones. If Uruguay, which was leading 2-0 at the time, scored even one goal in the remaining 8 minutes of extra time, the round of 16 would be frustrated. It was truly a time to sweat.

When Uruguay’s last free-kick opportunity was canceled and the game ended with Uruguay winning 2-0, the players were finally able to express their joy to their heart’s content. Korea had the same points (4) and goal difference (0) as Uruguay, but advanced to the round of 16 ahead of them in points. If Uruguay scored even one more goal in the eighth minute, they would be eliminated on goal difference.

Reuters reported, “Korean players gathered in the center circle for about 10 minutes and had to spend a painful time hoping Uruguay would not score a goal against Ghana.” The year ceremony was held,” he said.

At the time, Cho Gyu-seong (24, Jeonbuk Hyundai) met with reporters in the Mixt Zone and said, “After the game, everyone gathered and said, ‘A few minutes left, a few minutes left’. I refreshed the game and kept checking the score.” I was very nervous during the Uruguay free kick situation. After the round of 16 was confirmed, we all ran together like children and loved it,” he said with a bright smile.

In addition to this scene in Korea, Reuters also selected Saudi Arabia’s 2-1 victory over Argentina, Lionel Messi’s third goal assist against Croatia, Cristiano Ronaldo’s tears after being eliminated from the World Cup, and Japan’s victory over Germany. The World Cup in Qatar ends with the final match between Argentina and France at midnight on the 19th.