A healthy Senga is strong, but only twice over 150 innings in 7 years, can the opt-out condition of 400 innings be met after 3 years?

Can he pitch 400 innings in 3 years?

On the 20th (Korean time), Senda Godai (29), a former pitcher with three crowns in the Pacific League, officially became a New York Mets player. At the initiation ceremony held that day, he wore his uniform number ’34’. Nolan Ryan was given the number he wore with the New York Mets.

At the press conference that followed, Senga said, “I felt that the New York Mets needed me very much. I wanted to work with Max Scherzer (38) and Justin Verlander (39), legends who have won the World Series.” He fulfills his major league dream and enters the starting rotation with legendary pitchers.

The New York Mets, who failed to advance to the National League Division Series despite winning 101 wins (61 losses) this season, made extensive reinforcements this offseason by recruiting Verlander and Senga. Aiming for the first championship in 37 years since 1986.

General manager Billy Eppler revealed that he had been eyeing Senga for a long time. Manager Buck Showalter said he met Senga last November and persuaded him to join the team.

Total $75 million over 5 years. It is a contract condition that receives a signing bonus of $5 million and an annual salary of $14 million. However, there are some notable contractual provisions. An opt-out condition was added after three years. It is a clause that allows you to play for 3 years and become a free agent. No matter how top-notch pitcher in Japanese professional baseball is, one ball in the major leagues

This is an unconventional provision for a pitcher who has never thrown a ball.

But conditions depended. He should pitch 400 innings over three seasons. If you keep the starting rotation normally without injury, it is not difficult to pitch innings. He only needs to play an average of 134 innings per year. Darvish Yu (36, San Diego) threw 194⅔ innings this season, and Shohei Ohtani (28, LA Angels), who played both pitcher and hitter, was responsible for 166 innings. 토토사이트

It seems easy, but it is not an easy condition. If you look at Senga’s past moves, it is.

Senga, who played as the Softbank Hawks ace, recorded a total of 349⅔ innings over three years from 2020 to 2022. He pitched 121 innings in 2020, 84⅔ innings in 2021, and 144 innings in 2022. 2020 was played as a shortened season with 120 games played per team, his first start 3 weeks after opening that year. During his personal training, pain in his right calf came to him. Even though he did not play the season normally, he won three crowns that year with most wins (11 wins), earned run average (2.16), and strikeouts (149).

Since 2016, when he became a full-time starter, he has won double-digit wins for seven consecutive years, but injuries have been relatively common. During this period, he exceeded 150 innings only twice, in 2016 and 2019. Again in May and June of this year, he suffered more than two right elbow injuries and was sidelined. He appeared in 22 games and narrowly passed the regulation innings (143 innings).

Last season, he was hit by a ball in early April and returned to the first team in July.

Senga, healthy and not sick, was powerful. He is powerful with a fast ball of 150 km/h and a forkball with a large drop. However, his durability was not completely removed from the question mark. The New York Mets team is also expecting Senga to become the third starter following Scherzer and Verlander, but on the other hand, they seem to have doubts.