A premonition of success at the joint Shinhan Donghae Open with three major Asian tours


Major players from each tour are expected to attend the 39th Shinhan Donghae Open, the only major series co-hosted by three tours in Asia.

Shinhan Financial Group, which hosts the tournament, will host Kim Seong-hyun, who plays on the PGA Tour on the 16th, Park Sang-hyun and Kim Gyeong-tae, representatives of the Korean Tour, Japan’s popular handsome Ryo Ishikawa, and prize money leader Keita Nakajima (Japan). He announced that he would participate in the Donghae Open.

Celebrating its 39th this year, the tournament will be held at the Golf 72 Ocean Course in Yeongjong Island for four days from September 7th. JTBC Golf, which continues to broadcast major domestic men’s series such as the GS Caltex Open, SK Telecom Open, and Kolon Korea Open, will broadcast. Access to the competition site is excellent, and a Porsche is at stake as a hole-in-one prize. In addition, there are many factors of box office success of the participating players.

This tournament, with a total prize money of 1.4 billion won, is the only tournament in Asia co-hosted by three organizations, including the Korean Professional Golf Tour (KPGA), Asian Tour, and Japan Professional Golf Tour (JGTO). Since its establishment in 1981, the tournament has been internationalized, and since 2019, it has been expanded to a combined scale of three tours, and is recognized as a tournament to determine the strongest player in Asia.메이저사이트

The par 3 17th hole. The injured product is a high-end foreign vehicle.

In the par 3 17th hole of this competition, a Porsche electric car is injured and attracts attention. In addition, in the 12th hole, which was the most difficult of the 18 holes, an 83-inch OLED TV provided by LG Electronics is a bonus item, and in the slightly longer hole 8 this year, $10,000 from Shinhan Asset Management is provided to the player. The same amount will be donated additionally.

Amateur invited players are also noteworthy. Park Chan-ho, who has the most wins by an Asian player with 124 wins in the American professional baseball major league, and Jang Yu-bin, who will participate in the Asian Games this year, will be invited to participate. Park Chan-ho will participate in the Shinhan Donghae Open Skins Charity the day before the opening of the tournament and collect donations.

For each tour, the top performers are all out. In the KPGA Korean Tour, top-ranked players such as Park Sang-hyun, Seo Yo-seop, and Lee Jae-kyung will participate. On the Asian Tour, Kim Bio, Sadom Awakened Jana (Thailand), and Miguel Tabuna (Philippines) made appearances. In the JGTO, there are aces such as Keita Nakajima, who is the leader in prize money, Ryo Ishikawa, who has 18 wins in the JGTO, and long hitter Riki Kawamoto.

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