‘Adaptive variables for artificial turf’ ‥ ‘Management of protruding injuries is essential’


Even though it was a practice game, the national team’s infield defense was a bit uneasy, with three mistakes made only at the shortstop position.

An injury alert was issued three days before his first game.


He prided himself on being world-class as an infielder, but a variable arose in his first actual performance.

Due to starting third baseman Choi Jeong’s poor physical condition, Ha-seong Kim played third base and Ji-hwan Oh Ji-hwan played shortstop.

He gave up points because he made two consecutive mistakes.

From the 6th inning, Choi Jeong was put into third base, and the Kim Ha-sung, Edmon, and Keystone combination was put into operation.

However, Kim Ha-seong also fumbled the ball and made three mistakes only at the shortstop position.

In a situation where there is only one professional third baseman, I have been struggling with the optimal infield combination.

In particular, adapting the artificial turf of the dome stadium, where ground balls are hit faster, also emerged as a homework task.

However, as a Gold Glove winner, Edmon’s second base defense confirmation was an income.

[Edmon/WBC national team]
“The baseballs at major league artificial turf pitches are also quite fast. I heard that Tokyo Dome has relatively fast batting balls, but I think we need to adapt to this part.”

An injury advisory has also been issued.

There was also a dizzying situation in which Go Woo-seok was replaced due to discomfort in the neck area during pitching.

Go Woo-seok said he came down on his own as a precaution, suggesting that he was not seriously injured.

[Koh Woo-seok/WBC national team]
“(The condition) is not very serious, but I thought, ‘I think I should stop here for a while’ and I thought, ‘I shouldn’t overdo it’..

” After that, he said he would monitor the situation tonight.

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