Advice to all the ‘second Messi’ in the world… “Accept your limits”


There are many ‘second Lionel Messi’ in the world. But a player as great as Messi has not yet emerged.

When a player who showed great talent at a young age appears, many people are enthusiastic that the ‘second Messi’ has appeared. It’s been over 10 years since Messi started running in his prime. But that was all. The 2nd Messi did not grow like the ‘1st Messi’. It was over with only expectations. And the appearance of the ‘second Messi’ is steadily being repeated.

In this situation, a person who made a ‘step’ appeared. He was also a player called ‘the second Messi’ in the past. It is Boyan Krkichi.

He was praised as the best talent from Barcelona youth. He made his debut in Barcelona’s first team at the age of 16 in the evaluation of ‘the second Messi’ while breaking the goal scorer record by age in Barcelona’s youth team. However, he did not perform well and lived as a virtually forgotten player.

He gave advice to all the ‘second Messi’ in the world. To be precise, it was advice for Barcelona’s Divine Ordination Party, which is called ‘the second Messi’ and is highly anticipated. This advice deserves to be heard by every ‘second Messi’ in the world.메이저놀이터

Krkić said through Tribal Football, a European professional football site, “I experienced firsthand what happened to the party. The trust I received when things went well,

“When you are labeled the new Messi at 17, you have to measure yourself. And you have to learn to separate yourself from that label. You also have to learn to recognize and accept your limits. do.”

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