“After changing twice, the communication fee is free”…’Locusts’ maximum


How much do you spend on your mobile phone bill?

Recently, as budget phone companies have launched 0 won rate plans one

after another, the so-called ‘grasshopper group’, which drastically reduces communication costs by changing carriers each time, is rapidly increasing.

Since the services of each carrier are similar, there is only price competition left.

Reporter Park Hae-rin reports.

<Reporter> Mr. Park, an office worker
who uses 7GB of data per month and unlimited calls and texts, but

pays less than 10,000 won for telecommunications a year.

They are drastically reducing telecommunications costs by switching to special rate plans of budget phone companies, such as the ‘0 won rate plan’, twice a year. [Park Gyeong-tae / Gwanak-gu, Seoul: Originally, communication costs were

70,000 to 80,000 won per month. I received a 6-month free event, and after 6 months, I received it again for free, so I don’t think I get 10,000 won a year for communication

. .

Online, there is a line of posts sharing ‘honey tips’ that can reduce communication costs by using affordable rate plans.

In fact, the number of cases in which consumers changed스포츠토토 mobile carriers last month was about 527,000. This is the highest in 4 years.

More than half of them are headed for affordable phones.

When affordable phone companies poured out a 0 won rate plan and ignited price competition, a ‘disruption’ occurred when changing carriers.

Consumers say that there is no difference in service between carriers, and that it is natural to move to a cheaper rate plan.

[Ahn Da-seul / Mapo-gu, Seoul: The price is cheap. If it’s cheaper, I think I’ll port the number. The best one is good because the price is about half of the previous one, and the comfortable one seems to be similar.]

[Park Jong-chan / Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul: I think I’ll switch as soon as (a cheaper rate plan) comes out.]

[Yang Eun-jin / Nowon-gu, Seoul: I use the affordable rate plan. there is. I’m using this cheap phone because it’s cheap and there’s nothing inconvenient about it. I’m thinking of moving again if the price is cheaper.]

However, it is questionable how long such an unconventional rate competition can continue. This is because the cheap rates of budget phone companies are only possible because of subsidies from the

three telecommunication companies that are trying to expand subscribers to their own networks . In fact, when telecommunications companies reduced subsidies from 200,000 won to 100,000 won this month, the 0 won rate system was also drastically reduced. As the bloody competition cannot continue indefinitely, it is pointed out that in order to prevent customer departure, it is necessary to focus on securing content and qualitative growth by telecommunications companies, rather than ‘picking the ground’ type of business. This is Park Hae-rin from Korea Economic TV . Cinematographer: Yang Jin-seong, Kim Young-seok. Edited by Darim Kang.

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