“Air Force soldiers write sexual harassment documents with names and photos of female soldiers while on duty”


It has been revealed that Air Force soldiers sexually harassed soldiers by creating documents containing the names and photos of female officers on duty computers. The Air Force requested a police investigation into one person who wrote the document, and disciplined two executives who were reported to the incident at the time but ignored it토토사이트.

Today (22nd), the Air Force announced that it is investigating a case in which six soldiers from a fighter squadron wrote down the name, photo, and mobile phone number of a female military officer in a duty handover document and continued to make sexual harassment remarks.

Earlier, from November 2021 to July of last year, these 6 people did this to a computer prepared for takeover, etc. It was found that he made sexual harassment remarks and praised his appearance against the victims.

It is said that unit officers found out about this through a report in March of this year, but did not immediately take action. Rather, the complainant was persuaded to delete the offending file. Again, I did not report to the battalion commander.

After that, when the media coverage began, the military belatedly pushed for disciplinary action against the officers.

A military official told JTBC reporters, “Two executives who did not report even after receiving a report were booked for disciplinary action.”

Regarding the rest of the six, he said, “We plan to investigate (request for investigation) how much they participated in writing documents and whether they committed acts such as sexual harassment.”

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