Another 237.5 billion glass body? TEX leader’s denial “I stopped you”


Chris Young, general manager of the Texas Rangers,토토사이트 emphasized that there is no need to worry about the “glass body” Jacob deGrom (35). On the 16th (Korean time), deGrom tried to make his first bullpen pitching in spring camp, but decided to take a break because his left side suffered from a slight pull.

It’s something he might have taken for granted if he was another player, but it’s deGrom that’s what caught the eye. DeGrom signed a free agency contract in December last year for five years and $185 million (approximately 237.5 billion won). He is the league’s top ace who received the National League Cy Young twice during his time with the New York Mets, but suffered from injuries for three consecutive seasons from 2020 to last year. He has no season in which he has exceeded 100 innings in three years, and 15 appearances in 2021 were the most.

He was an ace who was responsible for 30 games-200 innings every year until 2019, so the injury was even more prominent. The Texas Rangers were well aware of deGrom’s injury history, but they brought him in for $185 million because he’s a solid card that could add weight to the starting rotation if he’s healthy.

Texas is thus managing to keep DeGrom from overdoing it. reported the back story, saying, “DeGrom tried to pitch the bullpen that day, but general manager Young saw that he needed attention and stopped him.”

General manager Young told a local reporter in the US, “It’s a common occurrence on the first day of spring camp. It’s not just deGrom that happened. If only we had, we would have managed the same way.”

“He’s been throwing the ball all along and he’s been in good shape. His arm is in great shape, but we’re looking at the bigger picture for the opening game,” he said, emphasizing that there’s no rush at all.

DeGrom has been plagued with back and arm injuries since the 2020 season, and 2021 was sidelined for the second half of his season with inflammation in his elbow. And in the spring of last year, he was on the injured list until early August due to a right scapula (shoulder bone) injury. However, since his bullpen pitching failed due to a side injury, the voice of concern is worth raising.

Director Young asked that there is no need to worry about deGrom again. “It’s not a serious injury, but because of the weather, we’ve decided not to pitch for a day or two until deGrom is back to normal. We hope to go slowly and surely.”

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