Another woman kidnapped in Gangnam, Seoul… Violating the access ban and even using an electric shock


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In Gangnam, Seoul, a man in his 60s kidnapped a woman he was dating and was caught by the police.

It turns out that she violated the restraining order and broke into the woman’s home with her weapon at the ready, when she was caught by the police after reporting the woman’s smartwatch.

This is the exclusive report of reporter Kim Hwa-young.


A multi-family house in Seocho-gu, Seoul.

On the evening of yesterday (18th), a man in his 60s broke into the house of a woman in her 50s living here. [Soundbite] [Landlord/Voice Modified: “They say he’s someone they knew before. But they come and hit me. I want to move out


I was looking for you to see you again.

As a result of the police investigation, the man entered the woman’s house through a window without permission.

He then threatened the woman with a스포츠토토 knife to keep her out of the house for about eight hours.

Afterwards, the man forcibly put the woman in a prepared car and fled about 40 km.

The woman who had been kidnapped was locked in her vehicle and, around 2am, called the police on her smartwatch.

It was the protective equipment received while applying for a ban on access to men in March.

The police issued an emergency dispatch stage called ‘code zero’ to begin the search.


. I confirmed that it was nearby and found it within an hour of reporting it.

The victim is said to have found a police car and escaped from the vehicle and ran to save his life.

The man was arrested at the scene, and ropes and stun guns were found in the vehicle.

The police have booked the man on charges of special residential trespass and special assault, and are reviewing the application for an arrest warrant.

This is Kim Hwa-young from KBS News.

Cinematographer: Choi Seok-gyu/Video editing: Yeo Dong-yong/Graphics: Noh Kyung-il

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