Asian Games soccer age adjustment… Jung Woo-young, Hong Hyun-seok, Um Won-sang can participate


Um Won-sang (24, Ulsan Hyundai), 온라인카지노 Cho Young-wook (24, Kim Cheon, managing director), Ko Jae-hyeon (24, Daegu FC), and overseas players Jung Woo-young (24, Freiburg, Germany) and Hong Hyeon-seok (24, ·Belgium Gent) was also allowed to participate in the Asian Games. This is because the Asian Games organizing committee adjusted the age of soccer players to those born after January 1, 1999.

According to the Korea Sports Council and the Korea Football Association on the 17th, the Asian Games Organizing Committee has adjusted so that players under the age of 24 can be included in the Asian Games soccer team. As with the Olympics, the age of players participating in men’s soccer at the Asian Games is limited to under 23 years of age. There is no age limit for women’s soccer. 

However, up to 3 players per team may be included as ‘wild cards’ who are not subject to age restrictions. The Hangzhou Asian Games were supposed to be held last year, but were postponed for a year in the aftermath of a novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19). Since then, attention has been focused on how the age of male soccer players will be set. 

In the end, the organizing committee followed the precedent of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which was postponed for one year, to change the age limit so that the athletes would not be harmed. As a result, following the 2014 Incheon Games and the 2018 Jakarta Palembang Asian Games, Hwang Seon-hong, who is challenging his third consecutive victory, has a wider range of choices.

The final entry for the Asian Games soccer team is 22 players, including three goalkeepers. This is an increase of two from the previous tournament. The substitution of players during the game also increased from three to a maximum of five, just like the Tokyo Olympics. In the event of an overtime period, the number of substitutes will increase by one.

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