Attempted murder of woman he first saw because he “couldn’t bear to die alone”…9 years in prison


A man in his 20s who attempted to kill a faceless man while on trial for a sex crime because he was “unworthy to die alone” has been sentenced to a severe prison term.

The Seoul High Court Criminal Division 4-1 (Chief Judge Jang Seok-jo and Deputy Chief Judge Kim Bok-hyung) sentenced the man, A, 24, to nine years in prison, the same as his recent first trial, for charges including attempted murder and indecent assault, according to legal reports today (Feb. 22).

Mr. A was accused of following and forcibly molesting a woman who was returning home in Goyang-si, Gyeonggi Province, in the middle of the night in September 2021.

During his first trial, he followed another woman, whom he first saw on the street in the early hours of the following July, for about 400 meters and strangled her.

He dragged the stunned victim to a flower bed next to the sidewalk and did the same thing again before fleeing when he sensed a crowd around him먹튀검증.

“I thought it would be unfair if I died alone, so I decided to take the extreme option of killing another person,” Mr. A told the court.

The Court of First Instance, which heard the two cases together, said, “For some inexplicable reason, he targeted a woman who could be easily subdued while attempting to kill an unspecified person,” and that “if the strangulation had lasted a little longer, the victim would have died.”

“The victim’s mental suffering is likely to be difficult to heal over a long period of time,” the court said, adding that “severe punishment commensurate with the crime is inevitable.”

The court also ordered Mr. A to wear a location-tracking electronic device for 10 years and register his identity for 15 years.

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