Blocking 19′ Hyundai Capital beats Woori Card and wins 6 in a row


Hyundai Capital ran for 6 consecutive wins with 19 blocks.

Hyundai Capital won a set score 3-1 (27-25 22-25 25-13 25-21) in a home game against Woori Card in the 3rd round of the men’s division of the ‘Dodram 2022-2023 V-League’ held at Cheonan Yu Gwan-soon Gymnasium on the 14th. 2nd place Hyundai Capital, which won the victory thanks to the even performances of triangle formation Heo Soo-bong (19 points), Jeon Kwang-in (17 points), and Oreol (16 points), took the lead Korean Air (31 points) with 30 points (10 wins and 4 losses). closely followed 4th place Woori Card (18 points) ended its 3-game winning streak.

Two teams on the rise met. According to the results of the day, one team flew higher, and the other team had no choice but to be defeated. Hyundai Capital was ahead in confidence by winning two wins against Woori Card this season. On the other hand, the injury of foreign player Agamez is painful for Woori Card. Due to an injury to his left thigh in a recent game, he has to endure as domestic players for 3-4 weeks.

Hyundai Capital put in rookie Lee Hyun-seung as a starting setter. His thick guts are his strength. The striker and breathing were not bad either. Woori Card setter Hwang Seung-bin used various options in the absence of foreign players. Also, the attack speed was fast.

In the flow of thin ice in the first set, Woori Card was the first to lead. With a 1-point lead, Park Jun-hyeok’s blocking and Na Gyeong-bok’s open attack made it 16-13. However, Hyundai Capital quickly caught up. After making the score 19-19, it turned around with Jeon Kwang-in’s blocking. With a 25-25 deuce, Hyundai Capital won the set with Heo Soo-bong’s open attack and Jeon Kwang-in’s blocking. Jeon Kwang-in stood out with 8 points and an attack success rate of 75%. 메이저사이트

At the beginning of the 2nd set, Hwang Seung-bin blocked Oreoll’s attack to liven up the atmosphere. Na Kyung-bok also blocked Oreoll’s attack, and Woori Card took the lead. It was Woori Card Kim Ji-han who decided the game. In a 21-21 tie, he scored three consecutive goals to give the team a chance to win.

In the third set, Hyundai Capital pushed one-sidedly. In the middle, the score had already widened to 16-9, and Woori Card prepared for the next set by taking out a large number of key players.

Hyundai Capital led the trend in the 4th set as well. In particular, Park Sang-ha, Jeon Kwang-in, and Heo Soo-bong’s blocking burst in succession, breaking the opponent’s spirit. In 22-20, Lee Si-woo’s serve score actually split the game, and the opponent’s Beom-sil and Heo Soo-bong’s time difference attack finished the game.

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