“Blood as I lifted the bag”… Taxi driver who reported Jeong Jeong-jeong goes into shock


A taxi driver who killed a fellow woman in Busan and mutilated her body – Yoo Yoo-jeong (23), who had Yoo Yoo-jeong as a passenger, reportedly called the police because he had blood on his hands while dropping off Yoo Yoo-jeong’s suitcase. He is said to be currently off work, complaining of psychological trauma.

The taxi driver, Mr. A, who picked up Jung on the day of the crime, March 26, is now avoiding contact with his family out of “fear,” JTBC스포츠토토 reported on March 6. A fellow taxi driver told the outlet, “(Mr. A) said he’s not going to work now, that he’s going to take shelter for a while.”

Jung was taken into custody on suspicion of visiting the home of the victim, whom she met through a tutoring app, on the afternoon of the incident, killing him, disfiguring his body, and dumping it in a suitcase in the grass near the Nakdong River, where she usually walks. The crime was discovered through a report from a taxi driver who found it strange that a suitcase with blood stains was dumped in the woods.

Taxi driver who reported ‘murder of fellow woman’ Jung Yoo-jeong is in hiding. Screen capture from JTBC report

According to reports, the taxi driver, Ahn, initially told others that he wanted to see a young woman traveling alone. When he arrived at his destination, he took the bag out of the trunk and told his fellow driver that something like water was leaking out of the bag and that his hands were wet. When she got into the taxi, she realized that the liquid was red blood and immediately reported it.

On the day of the incident, Jung went to the victim’s house to buy a second-hand school uniform to pretend to be a tutoring student, but after the crime, she changed into the victim’s clothes and left the house. She then went to a supermarket to buy a weapon, laxatives, plastic bags, and other items before returning to her home, packed a suitcase, and returned to the victim’s house to mutilate the body.

Jung Jeong-jeong, 23, who is suspected of killing a fellow woman and abandoning her body, leaves Dongnae Police Station in Busan on the morning of Feb. 2 and is being transferred to the prosecutor’s office. Courtesy of the Busan National Police Agency, Yonhap News Agency

According to police, a psychopath diagnostic test conducted on Jung Yoo-jeong showed that she had “abnormal specificity” that did not fall into the normal category. The police are expected to submit the results to prosecutors on July 7 after making a comprehensive judgment.

The prosecution, which received the case on Feb. 2, plans to conduct the investigation until Feb. 11, when Jung’s detention period ends, and extend the detention period once more if necessary.

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