‘Bullpen pitching delay’ DeGrom again ‘What to do with 5 years of TEX-185M’


The thing I was worried about happened. The bullpen pitching of Jacob deGrom (35, Texas Rangers), considered the best pitcher when healthy, was postponed. This time it’s flank pain.메이저놀이터

The Dallas Morning News, a local Texas media, reported on the same day that deGrom’s pitching in the bullpen, originally scheduled for the 16th (hereafter Korean time), was postponed.

DeGrom reportedly felt a small pain in his left side. DeGrom will take a break today and pitch in the bullpen on the 17th.

So far, it doesn’t appear to be a major injury. However, deGrom continued to show health problems. This raises concerns in Texas.

DeGrom won the National League Cy Young Award for two consecutive years in 2018 and 2019, and also became the strikeout king in 2020, which was a shortened season.

However, deGrom has not played many games since 2021 due to injury. He appeared in just 15 games in 2021, and only 11 in 2022 despite high expectations.

As a result, he was even evaluated as saying that the human body could not contain the talent of God. DeGrom’s ball was so powerful, but frequent injuries were his weakness.

Afterwards, deGrom came out to the free agent (FA) market through opt-out and signed a large five-year-$185 million contract with Texas.

Conditions that amount to an average of $35 million per year. Texas paid close to $200 million despite knowing deGrom’s physical condition. That he is such an attractive pitcher.

Texas will never overpower deGrom. Spring training and exhibition games are not important. His top priority is to make 30 appearances in the regular season.

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