‘Busan Kick Man’ Creepy Instagram… “I’ll Show You the Brutality”


After a YouTuber posted the photo and real name of the perpetrator of the Busan kickback incident, the so-called “Busan kickback man,” netizens found his personal social media accounts. The online community has been sharing the perpetrator’s social media posts, and the account has been receiving comments criticizing the perpetrator.

The Instagram account, which is believed to be the account of the suspect in the Busan kickback case, Ms. Im, 30, contains six posts from February to April 2020. There is also a photo that appears to be the same person as the photo of Ms. Lee that was released on YouTube on the 2nd.

A post left by the perpetrator of the ‘Busan Kickback’ incident, Ms. Im, in 2020.

Lee posted an eerie post on March 3, 2020, referring to “cruelty” and more. “My esteemed father and I sat down a few months ago and he told me, ‘Son, don’t live a bitter life like soju, live a sweet life like yangju,'” he wrote, adding, “I was born and raised with sweetness, but some XX things give me a taste that is not sweet, but salty than salt and sour than vinegar.” He continued, “Putting everything aside, XX things give me a taste that is not sweet, but sour than vinegar.

“I want to put all that aside and remind XXs like XX that people are the cruelest and scariest in the world, not just with words but with actions,” he wrote, adding, “Before I finish, I will search and search like a hyena looking for prey, and I will take care of you one by one. Please be patient.” This is interpreted as a threat of revenge and retribution against someone.

In another post, he posted a photo and video of a woman, presumably his ex-girlfriend, and wrote, “This time was so meaningful to me. It was good. It was just good. It’s just a memory now.” He added, “I won’t forget you, but just know that you have a lot to deal with.”

CCTV footage from the ‘Busan Seomyeon Kickback Incident’ that occurred last year. Screen capture from JTBC’s ‘Case Captain’ broadcast

On May 22 last year, Lee was put on trial for assault (attempted murder) of a woman in her 20s, Ms. A, who was returning home from the common entrance of an office building in Seomyeon, Busanjin-gu, by kicking her in the head. CCTV footage of Lee’s indiscriminate assault on the victim was released, sparking public outrage.

Personal information of Ms. Lee’s aunt, a suspect in the Busan kickback case, released by YouTuber Caracula on the 2nd. Both her photo and real name were released, but they were partially mosaicked due to illegal elements. Captured from YouTube’s ‘Caracula Detective Agency’

The YouTube channel “Caracula Detective Agency,” which claims to be a detective YouTuber, released Lee’s real name and photo on February 2. Information such as his birthday, occupation, place of birth, height, and blood type were also included. It also revealed Lee’s past criminal record.

However, it is controversial because it is an illegal act for an individual YouTuber, not an investigative agency, to arbitrarily disclose the identity of a suspect. The YouTuber claimed that he knew it was illegal, but decided to release the information for public purposes.

“I am well aware that the unauthorized disclosure of a perpetrator’s identity without due process can be punishable as defamation of character and subject the perpetrator to a lifetime of criminal retaliation,” he said. “We are also concerned that this may be an act of private punishment that crosses the line,” he said. “Considering the victim’s active desire to come forward and the risk of retaliation, we could not help but think of ways to share the victim’s pain스포츠토토.”

Lee is currently serving a 12-year prison sentence following a first trial in October of last year. Both the prosecution and Lee’s defense are appealing the verdict.

During the appeals process, the sexual assault charge was added. “DNA re-examination showed that Lee’s genes were detected in the waist and thigh area inside the jeans the victim was wearing,” the prosecution said at the appellate decision hearing on March 31, adding, “It is admitted that Lee followed the victim for the purpose of sexual assault, knocked her unconscious with a lethal blow, and fled when he was caught undressing her in the CCTV blind spot.” Prosecutors added the sexual assault charge to the original attempted murder charge and asked for 35 years in prison.

The sentencing hearing for the case will be held next month on March 12.

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