‘candidate fall’ → World Cup ‘reverse activity’… Ten Hagh half-sack “Man United will be the core”


 It is a reversal of the player who fell into the candidate.

British media ‘BBC’ reported on the 13th (Korean time), “Director Eric ten Haag (53) believes that Harry Maguire (29) will be a key defender for Manchester United.”

Maguire has been pointed out as the culprit behind Manchester United’s slump since last season. His slow feet and fatal mistakes were criticized as the cause of United’s conceding. As he wore the captain’s armband, the cheers of Manchester United fans doubled. According to ‘BBC’, a fan even threatened Maguire with a house bombing. As the sluggishness continued, some fans booed Maguire even in the England national team game.

His position in Manchester United has also noticeably decreased this season. Ten Haag, the new manager of Manchester United, has removed Maguire from the starting lineup. He appointed Rafael Varane (29) and Lisandro Martinez (24), recruited from Ajax, as his main defenders. The choice was right. Manchester United lost the first two games Maguire started, but after changing the central defender composition, they ran on a winning streak.

Despite his team’s sluggish performance, Maguire earned a place in the England national team. England manager Gareth Southgate still considered Maguire a key player. He planned to use it in the 2022 Qatar World Cup finals as well.

When I opened the lid, it was different. Maguire played a big role every day as the main central defender for England. Criticism around him was also put to rest. Even legend Rio Ferdinand, who criticized Maguire’s defense, said, “Maguire turned criticism into praise. It was completely different from his performance on his team.”스포츠토토

England succeeded in advancing to the quarterfinals thanks to the performance of Maguire, who started in all matches of the Qatar World Cup. He allowed just 2 runs in 4 games. However, they were eliminated in the quarterfinals, losing 1-2 to World Cup defending champions France.

Coach Ten Hagh raised his thumbs up for Maguire’s anti-war performance. “Maguire has always played well for England. He has had a difficult time at Manchester United, but he has gained confidence,” he said.

His team hoped to keep him in good shape. “I’m looking forward to playing at United,” added Ten Haag. “Maguire knows what United wants. He will be a great player for us.

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