Captain Lee Han-do 20, Park Jong-woo 8…Busan, 2023 season number confirmed


On the 30th, Busan unveiled the team number for the 2023 season. Captain Lee Han-do wore number 20. He explained the reason, “because he kept wearing number 20 throughout his professional life.” Vice-captain Jeong Won-jin chose number 14, and Kwon Hyeok-gyu chose number 42, the same as last season.

Park Jong-woo, who signed a new contract 메이저놀이터 with Busan, will wear the same number 8 as last season. Other players with the same number as last year are Koo Sang-min (No. 1), Eo Jeong-won (No. 2), Park Jung-in (No. 11), Ahn Jun-su (No. 13), Park Ho-young (35), and Hwang Jun-ho (45).

Starting from the 2023 season, Choi Geon-joo, who wears a Busan uniform, chose number 99, Choi Ji-mook, number 26, and Choi Ki-yoon, number 29. Choi Geon-joo gave the reason, “I wanted to do something special with a new mindset,” while he nodded his head saying, “That’s right, too” when asked if he chose the number 99 because he was born in 1999.

Pesin, a foreign player, wore number 7 and Lamas wore number 10. Rookie Lee Jeong-yoon chose number 15, Son Hui number 17, Yang Se-young number 30, Lee Hyeon-joon number 31, Jang Myeong-geun number 34, Cho Min-ho number 36, and Kwak Seung-jo number 91.

Park Se-jin chose the new number 66. He, who wore number 19 last year, said, “There is a nickname called ‘Arnold’ among the nicknames given by fans, and I chose it because he was number 66.”

Choi Ye-hoon, who chose number 31, said, “I like number 3 the most, but I had a lot of injuries last year and had a difficult season, so I wanted to change. He said, “I chose number 21 because he likes 12 21st and 21st July the most.” The second number, number 22, was chosen by Lee Sang-heon. He said, “It’s the number when I first played soccer, and I had a good memory, so I chose it.”

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