Carrot, 5th in professional basketball, can’t make the playoffs in the round of 6 if he can’t pay dues


If Goyang Carrot does not pay the unpaid balance (1 billion won) of the special dues for joining the KBL (Korean Basketball League) by the due date scheduled for the 31st of next month, 안전놀이터 no matter how good the regular league results are, it cannot go to the playoffs (PO) in the round of 6.

KBL, which oversees professional basketball, reconfirmed this at an extraordinary general meeting on the 16th. This policy, which was decided at an emergency board meeting in October last year, has not been made public.

Carrot officially founded the Goyang Orion basketball team in August of last year after Day One Sports acquired it. However, as Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering & Construction, the parent company of Day One Sports, suffered financial difficulties, there was a problem with the operation of the basketball team. If Carrot, who is currently ranked 5th (21-19), ends up in the top 6 without paying dues, the teams lower than Carrot will move up the ranks one step at a time and advance to the Round of 6 PO.

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