Celebrating the 40th anniversary of the K-League… A record that can be achieved this year


The 2023 season K-League, which celebrates its 40th anniversary, kicks off on the 25th and starts a long journey of about 8 months. Ahead of the opening, let’s take a look at the records that can be achieved this year.

– Kim Young-kwang (Seongnam FC) and Kim Tae-hwan (Ulsan Hyundai) aiming for 600 and 400 individual careers, respectively

Kim Young-kwang, born in 1983, is the same age as the K-League, which was launched in 1983. He made his professional debut with the Jeonnam Dragons in the 2002 season and has played in 588 games to date. Last year, he played 32 games, and showed off his strength by ranking 5th in the K-League 1 leading scorer June TOP5. Ranking second in the K-League career, he will succeed in 600 appearances if he keeps the goal for 12 or more games this season.메이저사이트

Ulsan Hyundai side defender Kim Tae-hwan challenges his 21st 400 game appearance. Having appeared in 377 individual games, he will play in 400 games if he adds 23 games this year. He won the league’s best eleven last season with 3 assists in 30 games.

– Coach Seong-Hwan Cho (Incheon United), the 20th coach of all time

with 100 wins Challenge Coach Seong-Hwan Cho, who celebrated his 9th season as a coach, is currently recording 93 wins, 67 draws and 85 losses in 245 games. If he only adds 7 wins this season, he will become the 20th manager to win 100 wins in K-League history. Among the 25 K-League coaches this season, there are a total of three coaches with more victories than him: Choi Yong-soo (Gangwon FC, 138 wins), Choi Yoon-gyeom (Chungbuk Cheongju FC, 131 wins), and Nam Ki-il (Jeju United, 125 wins).

– Jeju United, only 3 wins up to 500 wins in professional football

Jeju United, the original member of the K-League, is recording 497 wins in the K-League total, including the victory in the last game last season. If you add 3 wins this year, you will reach 500 wins, which is the fourth time in K-League history after Ulsan Hyundai (605 wins), Pohang Steelers (578 wins), FC Seoul (538 wins), and Busan I-Park (506 wins).

– Yeom Ki-hun (Suwon Samsung)’s 80/80 challenge, 50/50, and 40/40 that will continue this year?

Yeom Ki-hoon took over as a playing coach at Suwon Samsung this year and will play active duty for another year. Currently recording 77 goals and 110 assists in his personal career, he will become the first player to join the 80 (goal) and 80 (assist) club before the promotion and relegation and in K-League 1 and 2 by adding only 3 goals.

Yoon Bit-garam (Suwon FC) is recording 57 goals and 48 assists in his personal career, and if he adds two more assists, he will achieve 50/50. Yoon Il-rok (Ulsan Hyundai) has scored 43 goals and 38 assists in his personal career so far, and he also needs two help to score 40 or 40.

– Joo Hyun-woo (FC Anyang) Challenges for the first place in consecutive K-League 2 business trips

Joo Hyun-woo joined FC Anyang in 2020 and has played 97 consecutive matches in the K-League 2 regular league. Last year, if you add up to two games of the promotion playoff (PO) against Suwon Samsung, it is 99 games in a row. If he plays in 9 consecutive games after the opening of K-League 2 this season, he will rise to the top of the division for 106 consecutive games.

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