Cha Jun-hwan ‘Perfect 4 rounds’… I see medals for men and women together!


Cha Jun-hwan, a leading Korean male figure skater, showed off a perfect quadruple jump in the short program at the World Championships and rose to third place. Together with Lee Hae-in, we are looking forward to winning the first men’s and women’s medal together.

This is Reporter Kim Hyeong-yeol.


Cha Jun-hwan aroused admiration from his first 4-round jump.

[It’s a ‘quadruple salcho’ 스포츠토토that flows really beautifully!]

I received an additional 4.02 points, the highest among all the jumps of the players participating in this competition.

Including the triple axel with a jump height of 70 cm, the other two jumps were also standard jumps.

He was also impeccable in his artistry.

The crowd clapped in unison at the hilarious choreography to Michael Jackson’s music, and one judge awarded the performance a rare perfect score of 10 for expressiveness.

Cha Jun-hwan, who received a warm standing ovation, broke his personal best score of 99.64 and climbed to 3rd place, and he regretted not reaching 100 points.

[(With 100 points) It’s almost done…]

Cha Jun-hwan, who won a small bronze medal at the simple awards ceremony, will challenge the first world championship medal for a Korean male athlete in free skating tomorrow (25th).

[Cha Jun-hwan/National Figure Skating Representative: I prepared really hard for the World Championships, and I feel satisfied and happy because I seem to have enjoyed my acting to the fullest.]

Lee Hae-in, who placed second in the women’s single short program, will start free skating shortly after.

None of her contenders for medals have performed high-level jumps such as the triple axel or quadruple, so if she does not make mistakes and demonstrates her skills well, she can win a medal 10 years after Kim Yu-na.

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