Coach Kerr’s ‘four guard lineup’, the result was a 21-point loss


Director Kerr’s challenge ended in failure.

The Golden State Warriors lost 110-131 in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season Memphis Grizzlies held at the Memphis FedEx Forum on the 10th스포츠토토 (hereinafter Korean time).

On this day, Golden State did not play Andrew Wiggins and Jonathan Cuminga. Then, coach Kerr appointed four guards at the same time, starting with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Jordan Poole, Dante Divicenzo, and Draymond Green. It was a challenge to change the atmosphere of the team losing streak and the absence of injured players. But in the end, it failed.

Golden State was pushed from the beginning of the game. They gave up 16 points in the first 3 minutes of the game. Even though it was a small lineup, the big thing was that they couldn’t control the opponent’s outer attack. Afterwards, Poole and Curry’s performance narrowed the score gap. They put big men in there and tried to change the atmosphere. However, they could not break the opponent’s flow and finished the first quarter with a score of 28-48.

In the second quarter, Curry and Green’s performance narrowed the score little by little. And in the third quarter, the players’ struggles made the score difference up to single digits. However, at the beginning of the 4th quarter, Desmond Bain was not controlled and the score gap widened again. Pool led the team’s offense by scoring 11 points, but it was not enough. That’s how the score gap widened and lost by 21 points.

“If you think about it now, our starting lineup was really small,” Kerr said in an interview after the game. They may have looked cute. But now we are in the process of finding our way. I tried to find a way, but in the end I failed.”

With the loss on this day, Golden State fell into a three-game losing streak after winning five in a row. The ranking sank to 6th. Curry is back, but Golden State still has injured players. Attention is focusing on how Kerr and the Golden State players will overcome the current difficulties. However, the unconventional ‘four guard lineup’ attempted in this game failed.

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