[College Football] 2023 College Football Fanfare… Sunmoondae of the storm, a big win from the first game

Sports Chosun reporter Kim Ga-eul] The curtain on college football has risen in 2023. The 19th 1st and 2nd grade college soccer tournament opened on the 5th. It will be held in Tongyeong, Gyeongsangnam-do for 15 days until the 19th. A total of 49 teams participated in this event. A fierce confrontation will be held over the battle of Hansan (25 teams) and Tongyeong (24 teams).

On the first day of the tournament, Calvin University, Myongji University, Honam University, Kyonggi University, Andong University of Science, Kimcheon University, Sunmoon University, and Konkuk University took the victory in the first round 메이저놀이터 of the group stage during the Battle of Hansan. In particular, Sunmoon University, which caused a sensation last season, scored five goals from the first game in 2023 and flew. Sunmoon University won the first and second year Taebaeksangi last year. He finished runner-up in the Chugye Taebaek Mountains. In the spring season of the Battle of Hansan, he placed third.
Reporter Kim Ga-eul epi17@sportschosun.com