Conte on the operating table outlines the return schedule… Leicester match ’10 days later’ at the earliest


It is said that coach Antonio Conte (54, Italy), who recently underwent an operation due to cholecystitis, will return to the bench 10 days later 토토사이트 at the earliest through a match against Leicester City.

On the 2nd (Korean time), UK’s The Boot Room quoted Italy’s Coree Dello Sport, “The recovery period after cholecystectomy is usually about a month and a half, but Conte is in good physical condition and is said to be able to return this month.” told

According to reports, Conte will take a break after surgery, aiming to return to the UEFA Champions League against Leicester City on the 12th or AC Milan (Italy) on the 14th.

Some raise the possibility of an earlier return, but the match against Manchester City, which will be held at Hotspur Stadium in London, England at 1:30 am on the 6th, is focused on the possibility that head coach Christian Stellini will lead instead.

The media said, “According to local media in Italy, there is hope that Conte will be able to direct the players on the touchline as early as the match against Leicester City on the 12th.” do,” he said.

Instead, there are local reports that Conte will maintain a line of communication with head coach Stellini even in the stands or in Italy, even if he cannot direct the Manchester City match directly from the bench.

Previously, coach Conte underwent surgery to remove his gallbladder on the 1st, local time. He recently felt extremely normal and was diagnosed with cholecystitis as a result of the diagnosis, and was rushed to the operating table.

Fortunately, Conte said after the surgery, “Thank you to everyone who supported me. The surgery went well and I feel better. It’s time to recover. I want to lead Tottenham as soon as possible.”

Head coach Stellini, who will serve as acting manager for the upcoming match against Man City, directed the final group stage match against Marseille in the aftermath of Conte’s suspension in November last year. At that time, Tottenham beat Marseille 2-1 to advance to the round of 16.

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