Corporal punishment victim to perpetrator in 3 years…’Batting’ Lee Won-joon betrayed SSG trust


SSG Landers pitcher Lee Won-jun, who was a victim of “group corporal punishment” in 2020, turned the bat around and hit a junior three years later.

SSG quickly pulled out the “expulsion” card and kicked Lee off the team, leaving him without a job.

“The day before, we held our own disciplinary committee and decided to expel Lee Won-jun, who recently caused a stir with his bat punishment,” the SSG team said, adding, “We believe that this is a serious matter that hinders the development of professional baseball, so we decided to take the strongest sanction the club can take, which is expulsion.” On the same day, SSG also requested the Korean Baseball Organization (KBO) to place Lee on waivers.

Lee was a “pitching prospect” who joined SSG in the first round of the 2017 draft, and was expected to be a key part of SSG’s mound in the future due to his robust physique at 190 cm and 90 kg. In the first team, he has 22 games, 25⅓ innings, 3 losses, and an 11.72 ERA. In the Futures League, he has a career record of 83 games, 334 innings, 23 wins, 17 losses, five holds, and a 4.23 ERA.

Lee Won-jun, who is at the center of this case, has been a victim of corporal punishment before.

In May 2020, at the SSG’s predecessor, SK Wyverns’ second team training facility, Ganghwa Futures Field, second team players were caught drinking and driving, and senior second team players physically punished the offending players. Lee, who was in his third year at the time, was one of the players who was physically punished.먹튀검증

In July 2020, when the assault was publicized, SK announced that it would “revise the management regulations and review the system to apply ‘one strike out’ when a player causes social problems.”

This year, however, an assault occurred at the same location. According to the club, player A gathered juniors at SSG Futures Field in Ganghwa, Incheon, on June 6 and ordered them to dress up as a group. The reason was that he had a problem with rookie B’s attitude. He pointed out the process of exchanging jokes and criticized his attitude.

Afterward, another senior, Player C, realized that Player B was the reason he had been given the boot, and attacked him with a bat. The incident came to light when a coach happened to check on B’s physical condition and realized that C was Lee Won-jun.

Behind the scenes, the violence was being “passed down,” and the “No. 1 prospect” was forced to accept his dismissal without even realizing his full potential.

Meanwhile, SSG, which warned the players with the ‘one strike out’ discipline, announced its future plans, saying, “We will take action against the other two players who ordered the assault, depending on the outcome of the KBO’s punishment committee, and we will announce follow-up measures such as measures to prevent recurrence in the near future.”

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