‘Crime City 3’ star Chung Chan Sung Suzuja Hong Joon Young to fight in AFC 25 main event in Vietnam…”I’m going for interim lightweight title”


Hong Jun Young (33) will challenge for the lightweight title.

Angels Fighting Championship (AFC) announced that it will host “Angels Fighting Championship 25” on June 10 at the Ho Chi Minh Grand Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The main event will feature a lightweight interim title challenge from Jung Chan Sung’s protégé and AFC featherweight champion, Hong Jun Young, who has been making waves for his appearance in Crime City 3.

AFC is South Korea’s premier fighting organization with a long list of stars including “Uncle Tall” Choi Hong-man, “Fighter of the Wind” Kim Jae-young, “Wolverine” Bae Myung-ho, “Stand-up” Noh Jae-gil, “Jigsaw” Moon Ki-beom, “Super Rookie” Song Young-jae스포츠토토, and “Trotfighter” Lee Dae-won.

In 2023, AFC is continuing its aggressive tournament program after last year. In particular, AFC 21, which was held in Vietnam, has garnered a lot of attention as the first Korean fighting organization to lead the spread of the martial arts Korean Wave.

The title match at AFC 25 will be Hong’s interim lightweight title defense. As the AFC’s featherweight champion, he will be attempting to win the title in both divisions. If he wins, he will become the first two-division champion in the history of mixed martial arts in Vietnam.

Praised for his fiery style, Hong is also known as Chung’s protégé. In fact, he plans to travel to Vietnam to cheer him on. The presence of his mentor, Chung, will be a huge boost to Hong’s chances of winning both weight classes.

All eyes will be on Hong, who also starred in the latest installment of the popular Crime City series, to see if he can capture the titles in Vietnam with Chung’s support and bring the gold back to Korea.

The AFC plans to expand the number of events in Vietnam. Thanks to the support of Kim Sang-bum, head of the AFC’s Vietnam branch, and Lim Ga-young, vice president of Ho Chi Minh Grand Hotel, the organization plans to hold at least four numbering tournaments a year.

Meanwhile, after holding the Vietnam tournament in March and the Korea-Japan tournament in April, the AFC will once again take the stage in Vietnam in June to create a Hallyu fighting boom. Starting with AFC 25 in June, AFC aims to hold seven numbering tournaments this year, including July, August, September, and December.

AFC CEO Park Ho-joon said, “This year, the martial arts boom is more active than ever. With the success of various martial arts shows and the pandemic, the tide has turned once again. We will establish ourselves as the best martial arts organization in Korea through aggressive operations.”

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