‘Defending Champion’ Deoksu High School, reserved for this year’s rinse as a powerful mound


Deoksu High School is a strong player recognized nationwide. For the past five years, he has won the national championship every year. Head coach Jeong Yun-jin currently ranks first among active high school coaches nationwide. Deoksu High School also won the 9th National Prestigious High School Baseball Championship held last year. Deoksu High School rose to the throne in the 9th tournament thanks to the performance of MVP Kim Seung-jun (Deoksu High School senior). In particular, because of the monster Shim Jun-seok (Pittsburgh), it was worth looking forward to winning multiple awards. However, in 2022, Deoksu High School did not lift a single trophy except for the prestigious high school baseball competition. It was the most disappointing season in the last 5 years.

But this year, Deoksu High School’s power is strong. Unlike last year, which depended on a specific player, the overall pitching team is solid. First of all, there are Kim Seung-jun and Lee Jong-ho (3rd grade) in the right-handed orthodox group. Both are candidates for the pro nomination. Kim Seung-joon’s fastball with high RBI points from above is attractive. Higher nominations are possible if speed increases.

Lee Jong-ho was a catcher until middle school, but turned into a pitcher in high school. He is also an attractive player with a fast ball. Both boast fast balls of over 145km. Here is sidearm Kim Jin-hyeok. He was suspended for a year due to an injury last year. This year, no clear player has yet appeared on the sidearm side. Park Ki-ho (junior at Cheongju High School) and Woo-hyeon Lee (junior at Bibon High School) are attracting attention in the Winter League, but we need to keep an eye on them. It is too early to judge Kim Jin-hyeok as he has no records last year, but it is certain that he is receiving attention from professional teams.

The same goes for left-hander Ahn Jung-ho (junior). Ahn Jung-ho, along with Jo Dong-wook (Jangchung High School senior) and Kim Min-gyun (Kyunggi High School senior), are the dark horses watched by the pros. He is 190 cm tall and is the middle school classmate of Hwang Jun-seo (Jangchung High School 3rd year). Hwang Jun-seo and Ahn Jung-ho were the golden combination that led Sang Myung-jung to victory in the U-15 competition a few years ago. Deoksu High School coach Jung Yun-jin highly evaluated Ahn Jung-ho’s potential, saying, “I changed my pitching form to be similar to Jeong Gu-beom (NC). You can look forward to this season.”메이저놀이터

He has many good players on the hitter’s side as well. Outfielder Baek Jun-seo (junior) is a player with good destructive power. As a high-scoring prospect in hitting, he is also a player to watch in the pros. Seonwoo Lee (3rd grade) is quick on his feet. Like other center fielders, he is a byword for the Hotajun tribe. Catcher Kim Jae-hyeong (junior) is also the same. Last year, he hit a 3-run home run in the Presidential Cup against Yun Young-cheol (KIA Tigers), who was nominated twice overall. Kim Jae-hyung was the player who wore a mask when winning the 2021 Phoenix Reversal Championship.

Above all, he has one player in the lower grades that cannot be left out. That is Jeong Hyeon-woo (2nd grade). He is a player who can aim for No. 1 in the left-handed pitcher rankings in 2024, and will serve as the actual ace of Deoksu High School at this point. His four-seam’s highest velocity is over 145 km, and his ability to manage the game is good. His commanding power is second to none. Above all, the senior-junior rivalry with Hwang Joon-seo of Jangchung High School is the most exciting thing in high school baseball this season. Deoksu High School lost four times to Jangchung High School last year. In particular, Hwang Jun-seo thoroughly suffered. This year is different. Because Jung Hyun-woo is there. Jung Hyun-woo “I’m waiting for the match with (Park) Jun-seo”

This season, Jangchung High School boasts the best power in the Seoul area. Deoksu High School must overcome the wall of Jangchung High School to recover its crumpled pride. The first start was the 10th National Prestigious High School Baseball Championship. Deoksu High School will play the opening match against Gyeongbuk High School, the most prestigious high school in Daegu, on March 8.

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