Denver Signs Reggie Jackson… Minimizing Backcourt Leaks


The Denver Nuggets decided to solidify their backcourt.메이저놀이터

According to 『』, on the 15th (Korean time), the Denver Nuggets announced that Reggie Jackson (guard, 188cm, 94kg) would sign a contract.

Jackson was traded from the Los Angeles Clippers to the Charlotte Hornets ahead of the trade deadline this season. Charlotte released Jackson after the deadline expired. Afterwards, he was expected to sign with Kang-ho, led by Denver, and decided to continue his playing career in his hometown of Colorado.

Denver also had a change in the squad through the trade. Thomas Bryant was acquired through a trade with the Los Angeles Lakers. He sent Bonds Highland to the Clippers. Through individual trades, Highland was organized and the inside power was solidified. However, he did not secure significant power because he received the second round pick in return for sending Hyland.

However, this time, he caught Jackson and strengthened his backcourt power. Jackson is also an offensive guard, but unlike Hyland, he has experience and can help. He’s good enough to lead the bench. More than anything, Denver has Nikola Jokic, who can maximize Jackson’s offense. He can relieve Jemal Murray’s burden and has overhauled the somewhat weak guard power.

Currently, Denver also has Bruce Brown and Ish Smith. There is Brown, who is helpful on defense, and Smith, who can be put in when operations are needed. Jackson’s scoring prowess could be a bit more helpful as Brown can move across the guard position. Smith can support them behind them. With Jackson’s addition, the capabilities and experience of the players to be used in the first line have increased significantly.

He has appeared in 56 games for the Clippers this season. He recorded 10.8 points (.418 .350 .924), 2.2 rebounds and 3.5 assists in 25.7 minutes per game. He averaged 16.8 points last season, but this season his average, including minutes played, has declined. However, there are plenty of strikers in Denver, so even if Jackson’s scoring ability is not the same as before, it is not expected to be a big problem.

Meanwhile, Denver is in first place in the Western Conference with 40 wins and 18 losses so far this season. Since taking the top spot in the conference, it has been steadily maintaining its ranking, widening the gap with the second place to six games. It was the first in the West to reach 40 wins, and is competing with the Boston Celtics for the highest winning percentage in the league. After 9 consecutive wins, he only won 1 win in 4 games, but after that, he harvested 6 wins in 8 games.

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