“Doctor, you’re getting paid 800 million”…”You can’t do that”


121 high-income tax defaulters including doctors, lawyers, etc. caught… 13 public servants also owe 200 million won

Dr. A, a doctor in Gyeonggi Province, earns 800 million won a year, but owes 40 million won in local income taxes.

The same goes for Mr. B, a lawyer. 

His annual salary is more than 300 million won메이저사이트, but he has not paid 3 million won in property taxes.

A Maserati seized by Gyeonggi Province in October last year after searching the homes of local tax delinquents. Gyeonggi Province and its frontline cities and counties will seize the salaries of high-income professionals who pay no taxes despite earning more than 100 million won a year by July.ⓒGyeonggi Province

Gyeonggi-do and its frontline cities and counties are seizing the salaries of high-income professionals like Mr. and Mrs. A and B who earn huge salaries but fail to pay their tax obligations.

According to the provincial government on Nov. 21, 121 high-income professionals earning more than 100 million won a year who owed more than 3 million won in taxes, including local taxes, were identified through a full investigation of salary data from the National Health Insurance Corporation.

Medical professionals accounted for 67 of the delinquents. They are followed by 25 employees of large companies, 13 lawyers, and 3 financiers.

Thirteen media and education workers also made the list. 

They owe a total of KRW 2.9 billion in taxes, of which KRW 1.8 billion is owed by healthcare workers.

Yongin City has the highest number of such tax delinquents (25). This is followed by Suwon (14), Goyang (11), Seongnam (11), Namyangju (9), Gimpo (9), Hwaseong (7), Ansan (6), Gwacheon (5), Uijeongbu (4), and Yangju (2).

There are no cases in Pocheon, Gwangmyeong, Yeoju, Dongducheon, and Yeoncheon.

The provinces and frontline cities and counties plan to give them until next month to voluntarily pay the taxes, and then immediately seize their salaries if they fail to do so.

In addition, the salaries of 13 government employees who are in arrears on their taxes will also be seized. The officials owe more than 200 million won in taxes.

“Professionals with high incomes, such as doctors and lawyers, should set a better example,” said a provincial official, adding, “We will pursue delinquent taxpayers to the end and collect their taxes.”

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