Dr. Jeong Tae-seok publishes ‘Doctor Football’, a book on soccer medicine and science convergence

Dr. Jeong Tae-seok, the attending physician of the K League 2 Ansan Greeners , published ‘Doctor Football’, a book related to soccer medical science. 스포츠토토

‘ Doctor Football ‘ is a book published by the author, Dr. Jeong Tae-seok , based on the knowledge he gained after becoming a medical specialist ( rehabilitation medicine specialist / sports medicine certified specialist ) . Football science obtained in the process of exploring football physiology anew since  2006The knowledge was organized in an easy-to-understand way for players, parents , and coaches .

In ‘Doctor Football’, Dr. Chung expressed his experiences as an attending physician of Ansan Greeners  and what he felt while running the Performance Center, a sports medicine specialized clinic (Speak Rehabilitation Medicine Department) that he had operated since 2016. Various soccer medicine obtained in the process of treating injured playersIt is a convergence book of ‘ soccer and science ‘ that combines experience  .

Dr. Jeong said, ” Through this book, I summarized how young players can improve their physical condition in an effective and efficient way . I wanted to help prevent injuries by identifying and managing common injury risk factors in advance . “

He continued  , ” If you are a player who is currently injured and is being treated , I hope that it will be useful for coaches, players, and parents to read because it also suggests a way to recover safely and quickly while minimizing the aftereffects . ” 

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