Emotional rapids “I will live no matter what anyone says”… The day before BJ Imvely’s death, she cried during a live broadcast.


 Amid the news of the death of BJ Imvely (real name Lim Ji-hye) , a former racing model who tried to choose a theater group during live broadcasting , the scene of the live broadcast before the death of BJ Gam Yeo-ul, who had an argument with the deceased, was reported. is being re-examined.

On the 18th, Gamseong Forehead was broadcast live through the sub-account of the YouTube channel ‘Emotional Forehead’. He went to a restaurant to have a drink alone and communicated with viewers while drinking soup and soju.

Gam Yeo-ul, who got into a taxi after drinking and eating, exchanged conversations with the taxi driver. He sang along, saying, “Please raise your singing voice. A lot of good songs come out.”

He asked her taxi driver, “Are you married,” and she replied that she had children and grandchildren. In response to the article’s question, “Shouldn’t I get married?” Gam Yeoul replied, “I shouldn’t get married. Isn’t marriage still a family-to-family meeting in Korea? No.”

He continued, “I gave up early, and it’s not okay. I’m not going and I have to think about the other person’s family. I’m a son who was raised in that family, but I don’t have parents, so I wouldn’t want to marry someone like that.” In response스포츠토토, the taxi driver comforted her by saying, “My daughter is the same.

Emotional Yeo-ul hummed a song that flowed from the taxi, and suddenly her eyes blushed. Then she said, “I’m going to live. No matter what anyone says, I’m going to live,” she said.

Then he said, “Give me sympathy. I’ll buy and hit again. I’ll keep it again. If we merge, I’ll do it again. Don’t sympathize.

Another viewer comforted him, saying, “I’m sorry. To be honest, that’s why I didn’t cry and acted shamelessly. But people without incidents in their lives don’t succeed.”

In response, Gam Yeo-wool shed tears, saying, “What does it mean for me to apologize to you all? (Imvely) just want to live.”

Previously, on the 11th, Imvely had a fight with fellow BJs in Bucheon at a drinking party, then returned home and conducted a live broadcast. Afterwards, after revealing his suicide note, he made an extreme choice and died on the 19th.

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