“Even a fan wedding social appointment!”… Struggling to change the professional baseball atmosphere


Professional baseball Media Day was held with fans to change the atmosphere amidst the bad news from the sluggish WBC to the so-called Seo Jun-won and Jang Jeong-seok incidents.

There was also a player who promised to host a wedding ceremony for an avid fan.

Reporter Huh Sol-ji has been there.


Like the sketchbook cheering that garnered a lot of attention last season, witty cheering phrases have already appeared.

Despite various adverse events, around 400 fans gathered in one place ahead of the opening of professional baseball.

[SSG fan: “Because of starting pitcher Kwang-hyun Kim…”]

[Hanwha fan: “Last year’s No스포츠토토. 1, Dong-ju Moon, is active as a starter, and Seo-hyun Kim is there.”]

[SSG fan: “You need to have experience, but Gwang-hyun Kim has played five times. I won.”]

[Hanwha fan: “We don’t only have Young-gun, we also bring Chae Eun-seong from LG.”]

Oh Ji-hwan’s promise was the highlight of the announcement of the unavoidable championship promise.

[LG fan: “If I win this year and win the Korean Series MVP, I’m getting married on December 1st. Can you come and host?”] [Oh Ji-hwan/LG: “You said it was a promise to win, but regardless of that, I’ll host it unconditionally

. . (Wow~)”]

Promises that made use of the club’s characteristics were also lined up.

[Kim Do-young/KIA:

[Ahn Chi-hong/Lotte : “A championship event at Lotte World.”]

Doosan coach Lee Seung-yeop, who did not receive even one vote in the fall baseball predicted team vote.

[Soundbite] Lee Seung-yeop/Doosan Head Coach: “Thank you for your sober evaluation. We didn’t get a single vote for the Doosan Bears. Right now, I’m determined to be brave, but I’ll do my best so that I can smile with relief when the season is over.”

] Kiwoom Lee Jung-hoo, who may not know, also promised a new season that will become even hotter.

[Soundbite] Lee Jung-hoo/Kiwoom : “I like all of ‘romantic baseball’ this season, but I think the only way is to show the fans an unconditional (good) score.

” Starting with the opening match, we will begin our six-month long journey.

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