Even the fans don’t believe in it, the championship leader voluntarily resigns… Will SSG Offseason Variables Happen?


SSG general manager Seon-gyu Ryu, who drew the blueprint for winning the first regular season’Wire-to-Wire’ in KBO League history, voluntarily resigned on the 12th. However, not only the baseball world, but also fans who witnessed the difficult scene of the championship leader voluntarily resigning right after the season are showing strong doubts about this superficial word. Whatever the circumstances, variables can arise in SSG’s offseason.

Director Ryu, who took over as SSG general manager ahead of the 2021 season, conveyed his intention to voluntarily resign to the club early on the morning of the 12th. Director Ryu is one of the living witnesses of the ‘Wyverns-Landers’ franchise, which started the front of the baseball team at LG and then moved to SK and has watched the club so far. He was evaluated as a representative strategic master of the SSG front desk who has accumulated experience in various fields such as public relations, strategy, development, and operation. He played a leading role in establishing many strategies, such as pursuing a home run factory and introducing advanced techniques such as data analysis. And he took on the heavy duty of rebuilding a team that slumped to ninth place in 2020.

General manager Ryu put a strong drive after his appointment, saying, “A long-term plan of more than three years does not suit the KBO league well. We have to rebuild within two years.” In the meantime, it is at the center of every important point of SSG, such as Choo Shin-soo’s entry into the KBO League, three non-FA multi-year contracts (Park Jong-hoon, Moon Seung-won, and Hanyu Island), Kim Gwang-hyun’s return, Noh Kyung-eun’s recruitment, Kim Min-sik’s trade, and Kim Won-hyeong’s three-year renewal contract. tasted the happy ending of the combined championship.

However, from the middle of the season, rumors that “Director Ryu will give up his position or be replaced after the season is over” have circulated widely, and it is known that General Manager Ryu, who was aware of this, was also under considerable stress. However, in an interview with ‘Sport TV News’, general manager Ryu said, “The goal was to rebuild the team within two years, but we achieved it by winning this year. I think I have fulfilled my duty. I just thought it was time for a change in the organization. Incheon Baseball was the first to mobilize spectators. I’m really proud to have ranked first,” he said, refusing to comment on public suspicions, including rumors of group involvement. 메이저사이트

Given that the timing of his voluntary resignation was somewhat unexpected, it seems clear that there must have been a ‘decisive blow’ that hardened his mind. If the SSG parent company decided to replace it, it was a common procedure for the decision to be made by early December at the latest. However, until recently, Ryu led the way in replacing foreign players, identifying trends in the FA market, negotiating player salaries, managing salary caps, and preparing short-term and long-term measures for weak positions in the team. It is natural for the fans to look suspiciously at the team festival on the 11th, in that the leader, who was interviewed by the media, gave up his position after 12 hours.

While the prospect is dominant that “Director Ryu, who has been with SK-SSG for a long time and has a lot of affection for the organization and his juniors, will leave without any special talk because he does not want to burden the organization when he has decided to resign voluntarily.” It is a burden that the captain who will lead the ship has disappeared. The off-season is so important that the front desk is called the ‘time of the general manager’.

After confirming Director Ryu’s intention to resign, it is known that SSG will decide on a new head coach as soon as possible. Currently, internal personnel are being discussed, but other scenarios are possible if the search period is prolonged. If it is not possible to overturn Director Ryu’s voluntary resignation, the priority is to organize the hiatus as quickly as possible. However, amidst the sudden variable of the resignation of the winning team leader, it is expected that it will be an uncomfortable takeover with a lot of gossip regardless of whether it is a specific person or whoever it is.

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