“Everyone’s talking about AG…” Samsung’s 21-year-old assault leader is ‘chic’…if he’s good, he’ll go anyway


“Everyone is talking about the Asian Games.”

Samsung’s ‘assault captain’ Kim Hyun-jun (21) has been performing well this season. He is quietly playing his part. There’s a chance he’ll make the baseball team for the 2022 Hangzhou Asian Games, but he’s a ‘grave’ player.

In 49 games this season, Kim is batting .311 with two home runs, 15 RBIs, 25 runs scored, a .362 on-base percentage, a .383 slugging percentage, and a .745 OPS. He also plays good defense in center field. He’s also made several super catches.바카라사이트

He already made his presence felt last year. In 2022, he had his second year in the organization and his first full-time season. In 118 games, he batted .275 with 22 doubles, 57 RBI, and a .715 OPS. He had just four at-bats in 13 games in 2021.

It was a meteoric rise. He quickly became Samsung’s starting center fielder. With the departure of Park Hae-min, he didn’t have to worry about a gap, and his numbers are actually better this season in his second year.

He didn’t get off to a great start. He fractured the metacarpal bone in his right hand in an exhibition game. It was a blow. It wasn’t until May 19 that he was able to play in a first-team game. In 11 games in May, he batted just .237.

In June, he started to come alive. In 25 games in June, he hit .305. On June 10, he hit his first career home run against Lotte. July was also good. In the last nine games of the first half, he hit .357. His OPS was 0.862. In the first 25 days of the second half, he went 7-for-18 with a .389 batting average in four games. The batting exploded.

On the 26th, I met Kim Hyun-jun in Daegu. I asked him about his secret to hitting well. “It’s the same. Actually, my feelings have always been good. I just do the same thing and the results come out well,” he replied coolly.

“I try to be aggressive. I think it’s better to just hit the ball than to pick a close ball and eat a strike. I just go for it. I’m confident in making in-play pitches. If I see it, I go for it,” he emphasized.

The 2022 season has been nourishing. Manager Park Jin-man said, “We have more time. Last year’s experience is helpful. He responds well when he is at a disadvantage, which is not typical for his age. His defense has also improved, and he looks stable from the outside. I can watch him comfortably from the bench.”

Kim Hyun-joon agrees. “I think it’s true. I feel more responsible than last year. I want to do better. I’m batting first and playing center field. I want to take this position more firmly, and I need to do better for the team to win,” he said.

“They say I have a good pace now, but it’s important to keep it up until the end. I want to do well, and if I don’t, it’s something I can’t control, but I have the desire.”

However, he is not yet confident in his defense. “It’s too difficult. I need to go to my brothers and seniors who are good at defense and ask them. Batting can have ups and downs. Defense shouldn’t be like that. You have to cut it down. Actually, the coach doesn’t tell me anything in particular. I feel I’m not good enough. I’m not good enough from start to finish,” he said.

While Kim Hyun-joon was keeping quiet, the situation surrounding him changed slightly. It’s the Asian Games. Lee Jung-hoo, the Korean national team’s unwavering leader, is suddenly injured. He undergoes surgery. It’s likely he won’t make the team.

There are only three outfielders on the national team. Lee Jung-hoo is injured. We need to find an alternative. The math is complicated, but Kim Hyun-joo is one of the candidates.

“Everyone I meet talks about the Asian Games,” he says with a big smile, then adds, “I think the national team is only for those who deserve it. I just need to do my job well. Then I think the opportunity will come.”

Then he said, “It doesn’t matter. How many other people can go besides me?” He coolly replied, “If not this time, I can go in three years.” I don’t know, but on the outside, I don’t care about the ‘1’. I don’t know about you, but from the outside, it looks like you don’t even care about the number 1.

Director Park Jin Man said, “It’s really unfortunate that Lee Jung Hu got hurt. Instead, Kim Hyun-joon is a chance. I’m not shy, but I wonder if I’m greedy. He’s doing so well. That’s all appealing,” he laughed.

Nothing is set in stone yet. It’s more like ‘it’s a possibility. I have to do well first. He has established himself as an indispensable player for the team. It’s important to keep doing what you’re doing. If he does better, that’s great.

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