Ex-bodybuilder assaulted woman with broken ribs after she told him to “get out of the car”


In broad daylight in an apartment parking lot, a former bodybuilder assaulted a 30-year-old woman after a parking dispute. She suffered broken ribs and was diagnosed with a six-week dislocation.

For more, reporter Seung Hoon Choi has the story.


A woman wearing a hat waits in front of a white car.

She asks him to pull over.

A man in a short-sleeved shirt appears and an argument begins…

[Perpetrator/former bodybuilder: {Common sense says you shouldn’t put먹튀검증 (the car) here} Kid XX, who’s common sense!]

The man is a former bodybuilder.

The argument escalates and the man grabs the woman by the hair and pulls her to the ground.

He knocks her to the ground and threatens to punch her in the face with his fist.

[Perpetrator/former bodybuilder: Hey you XX, where do you run your mouth?]

Eventually, he starts punching her, holding her down from above and repeatedly hitting and kicking her in the head.

[Perpetrator’s wife: Brother, stop, stop, stop!]

The man’s wife tries to stop him, but he doesn’t listen and grabs her by the nape of the neck and punches her.

The battered woman grabs her clothes and pulls them off.

She spits when she’s less loose.

[Tew tew tew!]

The woman has broken ribs and is given a six-week diagnosis.

[VICTIM FEMALE, 30s: I’m scared of how I’m going to run into him again, and it’s in an apartment complex].

The offending man admitted fault.

However, he claimed that he and his wife were also assaulted.

[Perpetrator/former bodybuilder: He pushed my wife and I’m just so angry because this is what happened… She was about to miscarry her (pregnant) child].

Police plan to investigate the men for joint assault.

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