Family assaulted barefoot middle school girl…”Dad is in jail”


Yesterday, we reported on a case in which a middle school girl was gang-raped by her parents and brother in the center of Gangnam, Seoul. Police applied for an emergency temporary measure to detain the student’s father in a detention center, and the court granted it.

Reporter Kwang-hyun Byun has the exclusive report.


The entrance to an apartment complex in Gangnam, Seoul, at dawn on the 15th of this month.

A man chases a middle school girl running barefoot at high speed스포츠토토, knocks her down, and assaults her while dragging her roughly.

The perpetrator is the girl’s father, Mr. A. Her brother and mother, who arrive late, also assault her.

Mr. A’s assault does not stop for over 10 minutes.

Given the severity of the assault, the police applied to the prosecutor’s office for an emergency interim measure to prevent the parents and brother from approaching or contacting the victim.

Against Mr. A, the father in particular, we also applied for a level 7, the highest level of child abuse penalty under the Child Abuse Act.

This is a measure to detain the perpetrator in a jail or detention center for up to two months, which can be extended once, to protect the child if there is a risk that the abuse will recur.

In the last five years, there have been only 36 applications for Temporary Measure No. 7, and the court has accepted only 23 of them.

[Kwak Ji-hyun/attorney specializing in children’s rights: Measure 7 is a very rare case in which a suspect is held in a detention center without a warrant, which is why investigators and courts have deemed it a serious matter].

Mr. A was reportedly detained at the Seoul Eastern Detention Center yesterday afternoon, and the middle school girl, who has been placed in a protective facility, is not believed to have suffered any serious trauma.

Police are continuing their investigation, including securing a statement from the victim, as they consider the possibility that Mr. A and other family members may have abused her in the past.

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