Family didn’t know… The end of a fake doctor who operated on 60 joints in 27 years


A court has sentenced a man in his 60s who pretended to be an “orthopedic surgeon” for 27 years with a forged medical license to prison.
Han So-hee, deputy chief judge of the Suwon District Court Criminal Division 10, sentenced A, 60, to seven years in prison and a fine of 5 million won on Jan. 23 for forging and using official documents, violating the Health Crime Control Act (fraudulent medical practitioner), and fraud.

More than 15,000 patients treated by fake doctors
“The defendant’s unlicensed medical practice has a serious adverse effect on public health and safety and needs to be strictly punished,” said the judge, noting that the defendant had been practicing medicine without a license since 2009, before the time of the indictment, and continued to practice medicine without a license even after a prosecution investigation was initiated and he was investigated.
“Although no medical errors were confirmed, there were 15,000 patients who received medical treatment from the defendant, and it cannot be ruled out that medical errors occurred and the patients were unaware of them,” he said, adding, “Considering that the profits obtained by defrauding the hospital exceeded 500 million won, the reasons for the sentence were also taken into account.”

A forged medical license of a man in his 60s who pretended to be an orthopedic surgeon without a medical license and was sent to trial in custody스포츠토토. Suwon District Prosecutors’ Office

Mr. A is accused of practicing medicine without a license by working as an employed doctor at nine general hospitals and orthopedic clinics in the Seoul metropolitan area from October 2014 to last month using a forged license. The salary he received during this period alone was more than 500 million won.
He graduated from medical school in 1993, but did not obtain a medical license. However, since 1995, he has been employed at more than 60 hospitals nationwide by forging his license and commission letter. After graduating from a local medical school, he concealed the fact that he did not have a medical license and did not complete his internship training, and lied about his educational background, claiming to have earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from a leading medical school with a large hospital in downtown Seoul. Married in 2006 and with children, he did not tell his wife or his children about the fake medical license. His mother also firmly believed that her son was a doctor.
At the beginning of the investigation, he claimed that he had not renewed his medical license and was temporarily practicing medicine unqualifiedly, but he admitted to all charges at the first trial in February.

“Deceived by A,” hospital officials who recruited him suspended sentence except for one
On the same day, the court suspended the sentences of one medical foundation and seven private hospital directors who were accused of hiring A without properly checking whether they had obtained a medical license and allowing him to practice medicine under the name of the hospital director (unauthorized medical practitioners under the Health Crime Control Act), with fines ranging from 5 million to 10 million won. The judge explained the reason for suspending the sentence by saying, “The hospital directors also took into consideration that A was deceived in a big way.”
However, for a private hospital director charged with the same offense, the judge sentenced him to a fine of 20 million won, saying, “Considering that he has a history of violating medical laws in the past, such as having unlicensed staff assist in surgery.”

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