Festival of Stars D-3, Libya foreigners are ready “The All-Star Game is a glorious stage, I will enjoy it with the fans


“I know that the All-Star Game is a glorious stage.”

Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, led by coach Kim Sang-woo, held a set score 3-2 (25-13, 21-25, 18-25, 25- 20, 15-9) and succeeded in escaping from 4 consecutive losses. With the escape from the losing streak, I had a pleasant All-Star break. 스포츠토토

One of the key players in this victory was Ahmed Iqbairi (registered name Iqbairi). Ikbairi made a big success on this day with 27 points, the most of both teams, and an attack success rate of 46%. 2 blocks, 4 serves, 9 back attacks. If you added just one more block, you could have written a triple crown.

Ikbairi, who met after the game, said, “It’s good to be able to win. Our card is not an easy opponent. However, the players fought with fighting spirit until the end.”

Before the game, coach Kim Sang-woo said, “Ikbairi’s score and success rate are good after the game, but it doesn’t explode when needed. A regretful appearance comes out from the winning point.”

In fact, on this day, he committed 12 offenses, the most among both teams. However, on this day, there were more scenes where the team scored when the team needed it at an important moment rather than a sad scene.

Manager Kim Sang-woo also said, “The 4th set attack was not good, but he contributed as a sub at an important moment. There are several ways to score. Ikbairi did a good job,” he praised.

Ikbairi said, “After 20 points, I don’t feel much pressure in the situation of the winner. I think that is what a foreign player should do. I will think about what the director said and try to do it.”

There are now 3 days left for the ‘Festival of the Stars’ all-star game to be held at Incheon Samsan World Gymnasium on the 29th. Ikhbairi is honored to participate in the All-Star Game in the debut season of the V-League as a Z-Star team after being recommended by the expert committee.

They will also participate in the preliminaries for the Serving Contest held the day before the main All-Star event. Ikbairi plans to compete for the subking position with Lim Dong-hyuk of Korean Air, Hong Dong-seon of Hyundai Capital, Leonardo Rayba Martinez of OK Financial Group (registered name Leo), Kim Ji-han of Woori Card, Lim Seong-jin of Korea Electric Power Corporation, and Bae Sang-jin of KB Insurance.

“I know the All-Star Game is a glorious place. I am happy to be together in gathering good players.” I will enjoy and have fun with the fans,” he smiled.

Finally, Ikbairi said, “I think it is important to have a winning mindset in every match in the remaining 5th and 6th rounds. I will be able to digest the points to be supplemented through training.”

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