For a year, ‘Only sit on the bench’, excluded from PSG Mbappe 1st team training… Training with released players


A situation was created where Kylian Mbappe would only sit on the bench for a year.

French media ‘RMC’ announced on the 7th (Korean time) that ‘Mbappe will be excluded from the squad for PSG’s extensive training that will resume at the Poissy Training Center on Monday.’

Mbappe is the best star to succeed Messi and Ronaldo. Playing as a wing forward and striker, he has the best speed. He is one of the fastest footballers in the world and his instantaneous speed and top speed are staggering. He is also good at dribbling, and uses his speed to repeatedly accelerate and decelerate to confuse opposing defenders. His personal skills are also excellent, showing brilliant foot talent.

Besides that, his goal-making ability is incredible. He holds unprecedented records with 212 goals and 98 assists in 260 games in Paris Saint-Germain alone.

Mbappe is the hottest figure in the transfer market this summer and is curious about his future. Strongly linked with Real Madrid, he is not extending his contract expiring in 2024. In June 2023, as reported by L’Equipe, “Mbappe will not use the option to extend his contract until June 2025”.

PSG’s chairman, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, told Mbappe at a press conference that he would not be sending Mbappe off as a free agent (free agent) in the summer and that he would have to renew his contract if Mbappe was to remain. He also mentioned that he could be transferred if he does not renew his contract.메이저사이트

PSG wants to leave the team if they are not going to renew the contract, and Mbappe wants to leave the team as a free agent, so the difference of opinion between the two sides is not narrowing. Saudi Arabia, who heard this news, offered the highest annual salary, but Mbafe refused, and Liverpool and Chelsea also want to sign on loan, but it is not an easy situation.

In the midst of this, in an interview with the French press, “I don’t think playing in Paris does much to emphasize my performance. This will cause controversy, of course, but I don’t know what I’m doing and how I’m doing it.” I don’t care because I know.”

PSG took out a superpower in response. According to ‘RMC’, Mbappe will train with ‘Loft’ (referring to players subject to release in the French sports world) at the Poissy training center from 10 am tomorrow. The position of the club has not changed at all because the situation has not changed at all. No discussions have yet taken place between the two camps. The first team, which trains at 5pm, includes players included in the club’s plan.

According to the club, Paris has tried all sorts of solutions and proposals for Mbappe, including recently offering him a “sale guarantee” clause until the end of the season. However, it is known that Mbappe’s aides rejected the offer.

Paris will start the first round of Ligue 1 against Lorient on August 13 at 4 am (Korean time). With Real Madrid unwilling to sign Mbappe this season, Mbappe’s situation is getting more and more serious.

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