‘Former Samsung’ Lively, MLB victory in 6 years… 3 scoreless innings against the Mets


Ben Lively (31, Cincinnati Reds) from the Samsung Lions won a thrilling victory on the Major League (MLB) stage after 6 years.

On the 12th (Korean time), Lively took안전놀이터 the mound as the second pitcher in the 2023 Major League Baseball home game against the New York Mets held at Great American Ball Park in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.

Lively was recorded as the winning pitcher as Cincinnati defeated the Mets 5-0. Lively’s first win of the season and fifth in his career.

Lively’s victory in the major leagues was 2050 days after the Mets match on September 30, 2017, when he was a member of the Philadelphia Phillies.

Lively is also a familiar player to domestic baseball fans. He was active in the KBO League wearing a Samsung uniform from 2019 to 2021.

Lively, who came to Korea as a substitute for Deck McGuire in August 2019, played 9 games and won 4-4 with an average ERA of 3.95, including 1 shutout, and succeeded in renewing the contract. In 2020, he was unable to play for two months due to injury and only won 6 wins (7 losses), but he played well at the end of the season and extended the contract for another year. However, Lively was eventually released mid-season due to poor shoulder condition in 2021.

After returning to the United States, Lively signed a minor league contract with Cincinnati and sought a comeback. This season, he played in the minor league Triple-A with 4 wins in 5 games and an earned run average of 2.33, finally stepping on the major league stage.

And Lively won the victory with a scoreless pitch from the first game of his return.

Cincinnati played this game with only bullpen pitchers, and Derek Law, who started the game, took charge of four outcounts and then handed the mound to Lively.

Lively, who took the mound with the team leading 4-0, made a mark by enduring a scoreless run until the fifth inning. In the third inning, after one run, he was hit consecutively by Francisco Alvarez and Brandon Nemo, but he showed excellent crisis management skills by handling subsequent batters.

Meanwhile, Mets starting pitcher Senda Kodai suffered his second loss of the season with 8 hits (1 home run), 1 walk, 7 strikeouts and 5 runs in 5 innings. Senga’s ERA soared to 4.14.

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