‘Game Changer’ Gyeonggi University Lim Ji-woo’s confidence “I got a chance to show myself more” 


Kyonggi University, which won the victory and two points thanks to Lim Ji-woo’s performance, rose to the top of the league alone.

Kyonggi University won the 2023 KUSF University Volleyball U-League at Suwon Kyonggi University Gymnasium on the 12th with a set score of 3-2 (25-27, 25-13, 18-25, 26-24, 15-11) against Myongji University.

At the time of the 1st set, after losing the deuce due to unsatisfactory concentration, Gyeonggidae brought the 2nd set with a large score difference. However, the third set also faced a crisis. When both wings were uneasy, Kyonggi University took out a replacement card and Lim Ji-woo (2nd grade, OP, 188cm) card worked.

Lim Ji-woo scored 13 points in the match, including 2 blocks and 1 serve, and boasted the highest attack success rate of 71% in the team. Lim Ji-woo, who played the role of a game changer by entering the replacement, said, “I was nervous as I entered the 3rd set replacement, but I believed in my skills. He went into the game with the thought of doing what he wanted to do with confidence,” he looked back on the game.

In his first game against Chosun University온라인바카라, Lim Ji-woo, who was positioned as a middle blocker, stood apologetic that day. I showed off my skills not only in the center but also on the right. Lim Ji-woo said, “(Ahn) Chang-ho was injured, so I worked out as a middle blocker for nearly a month. It is true that the sense of apositivity has fallen. But after the last game, he was able to get a feel for it as he trained again until this time,” he said, referring to his training process.

As long as he was in the apogee, he had to take responsibility for the team’s offense. Lim Ji-woo, who stood in an important position, believed in herself. He said, “I thought it was an opportunity to show myself more than a burden. Because I think positively, I naturally don’t get nervous, and I think I came out well while improving my skills.”

Kyonggi University’s win in the 5th set started with Lim Ji-woo’s serve. After recording a sub ace, the opponent’s consecutive offenses and blocking points were added, widening the score to 8-3.

While reviewing the game, “At first, the strategy to hit the target worked. Even after that, the opponent’s receiving line was behind, so short hits were able to score consecutively.”

In addition to scoring, he played a big part in heating up the atmosphere on the court. “I screamed hard every time I scored a goal. In order to liven up the court, I made use of the organ that has a big voice and added excessive action such as running around and screaming.”

Kyonggi University, which won two consecutive victories at home, will face Sungkyunkwan University on May 10 after taking a break of about a month. Lim Ji-woo, who put the first button in the league well, said, “I won two consecutive wins, but the performance was disappointing. I won’t be let go or settle down for winning streaks, but I will prepare harder so that I can continue to win against strong teams.

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