Gangnam Style: The Earth Behind the Smash Hit


It’s easy to forget that Psy’s internet hit ‘Gangnam’ is also one of them. Wanpoi takes a closer look at ‘Mayfair of Seoul’.

If you haven’t been living in the dark for the past few weeks, you’re probably familiar with the frustratingly addictive beat of Psy’s international hit, Gangnam Style. Like it or not, the Korean rapper’s ‘horse-riding’ dance moves are etched into our memory.

Ridiculous dancing aside, this song accomplishes two impressive feats. This song entered the Guinness Book of World Records as the most loved video in YouTube history, and became the first Korean track to reach number one in the world as well as in the UK. 30 countries worldwide.

Listening to Psy’s lyrics, he’s clearly playing around in Gangnam, Seoul. Or, more specifically, a resident. However, outside of Korea, the region is little known. What exactly is the fuss about?

Gangnam wasn’t always a place full of wealth and excitement. Until the ’70s, this was a relatively obscure place occupied by farmers selling land for new development. Welcome to Korea’s Beverly Hills, 40 years later.

When you enter Gangnam today, you’re surrounded by people wearing branded clothes, socialites carrying designer bags equivalent to the average Korean salary, chauffeurs driving around town in luxury cars, and people who shine enough to shine even when they’re there. It was a blackout…

But it’s not just Gangnam residents who get along well. Buildings and landmarks belonging to the area also play a part in adding to the decadence associated with the neighborhood. Aside from the impressive Bongeunsa Temple, which is worth a visit, the area is distinguished by its sparkling skyscrapers and bright lights. If you want to see the true face of Seoul, you have to cross the river.

With our Seoul travel guide and maps, you can easily find Teheran-ro, one of Gangnam’s most colorful districts. The regional headquarters of some of the largest companies in the business world, including 온라인바카라 The area is also a shopping paradise for shopaholics, with many shops located on the streets from Apujeong to Cheongdam-dong and the famous COEX Mall, the largest underground shopping center in Asia.

Of course, there would be no ‘style’ if it wasn’t for the designer shops lined up in Gangnam. Luxurious boutiques line Garosu-gil and upscale coffee shops abound. Another way the rich show off their wealth.

The streets of Gangnam are lined with luxurious nightclubs. Famous DJs congregate here for the young and the rich to party or ‘galop’ the night away. Gangnam is not only a haven for wealth, but also famous for annual festivals such as the Gangnam Fashion Festival. Meanwhile, the subway station and its nearby attractions appeared in The Bourne Legacy starring Jeremy Renner and Rachel Weisz.

So it’s there – whether you’re taking Psy’s digs in Seoul’s wealthiest district with a pinch of salt or trying to erase the embarrassing image of a Prime Minister dancing the ‘Horse’ from their minds, Gangnam residents are probably sitting there. Sipping a sumptuous cup of coffee from the comfort of a sumptuous car while soaking up all the fame and glory

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